Bookshape by Lettera G: what an original bookcase!


"Those who collect books, accumulate wishes; and those who have many wishes are very young, even at the age of eighty" Ugo Ojetti

I have always considered books an essential for imagination and culture, and also as an important decorative element in every home! I like their aesthetics and the feeling of warmth and life they give to an environment. Do you agree with me?


Where we decide to place them, however, is just as important, if not fundamental, for the harmony of our space.
As you may know, lately I’ve been setting up my new home and for the occasion, I got a bookcase from the company Lettera G. This one: Bookshape Metal Slim. If you want to know more details about it, please click here.

Continue with your reading to know my opinion about Bookshape by the Italian company Lettera G.

Bookshape Metal Slim is a product that has that extra touch of sophistication that I really appreciate in design

Its structure is characterized by shaped forms where you put the books: a real culture sculpture!

As you can see, I’ve put it in the living room area, next to the couch: my favorite place to read.

Bookshape Metal Slim has a modern and linear style that makes it suitable for any environment and location: from a café to a museum, to an ultra modern or even a classical home… and so on. Can you imagine it?

And what do you think about it placed in my living room?


I have the Free Standing version in white metal, but there are also wall and countertop versions that can be made of metal + wood, too. What do you think about it?

If you want more product info or if you want to buy it, this is the link to Bookshape by Lettera G

Do you love books and reading too? Did you like the Bookshape Metal Slim bookcase by Lettera G? Where would you put it in your own house? Are there any other beautiful and original bookcases you’d like to tell me about? As always, I hope that I’ve helped you and shown you a product you can take note of! 🙂


Bookshape Metal Slim

Lettera G



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