Camilla Bellini - Red Carpet in Venice

Mission of the Camilla Bellini's blog

Camilla Bellini – The Diary of a Designer is the blog created by the Italian designer Camilla Bellini. It’s a digital space released to last, unrelated to fads that come and go, and always looking for new inspiration.

The blog promotes beauty and attention to detail, typical of the style Made in Italy.

It wants to close the gap that has formed over the years between people and quality design. Yes, because the search for beauty is good for everyone. It should be celebrated and shared.

It wants to know the human and emotional aspect of design. Camilla Bellini – The Diary of a Designer wants to make it more accessible, having an innovative and stylish profile, through our original content and the designer’s skills.

Camilla Bellini – The Diary of a Designer is a space based on harmony and beauty, made up exclusively of high quality content. Interiors, products and exhibitions designed by Camilla Bellini are told through the pages of this website/blog. 

Here you can find out more about promotional company partnerships, events, accommodation, and designers. Each partnership is and will always be in line with Camilla Bellini’s personal taste.

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