Product design, interior design, events, digital communication, installations and exhibitions are among the design projects managed by the Italian designer Camilla Bellini. Find here some design projects regarding product and interior design.

Zefiro system | Linvisibile

Customization of Linvisibile’s Zefiro system

Zefiro is a partition system for spaces with pivoting doors. It comprises vertical side-by-side pivot leaves. It’s a separator that divides spaces and brings them together again whenever desired. My version of Zefiro for Linvisibile is in ivory-colored fabric by Armani Casa, enriched with delicate and elegant natural elements. This fabric is pleasant to the touch and thanks to the warm tones it makes spaces more welcoming and sincere.

COMPANY: Linvisibile

Atena bookshape | Lapitec

A bookcase designed to demonstrate the using the lapitec material to make a three-dimensional object.

Atena is a bookcase made by lapitec, 100% natural material. Starting from its original shape (large stone slabs), I designed a piece of furniture, a small bookcase, with fluted sides and processed shelves. The creative use of lapitec ranges from kitchen countertops to facades, from flooring to swimming pools and, last but not least, home accessories.

COMPANY: Lapitec

Hotel Suite | Flou

A design project from the brief to the render

The brief provided by the Flou company for the realization of an interior design project was focused on the hotel suite. Elegance, cosmopolitan vibes and hospitality on high level were the company indications in the preliminary stages. The project thus focused on the use of Flou and Natevo products, in an environment that had international adaptability.


LA | Italamp

Light design project - A new lamp

A blown glass lamp, where light and sound become one. It will be officially launched during Milan Design Week 2022. The interiors of Studio Decò in Milan will become the stage for an installation where the common thread is the theme of theater and music, and where ‘LA’ becomes the absolute protagonist. In this image you can only see a preview.

COMPANY: Italamp

Embracing Light | Linvisibile

Interior design project in New York

“Embracing Light” is a penthouse renovation project in New York. The amount of light in this space immediately struck me, so I wanted to make the most of it and make it the leitmotif of the project. The projects has within design icons and Linvisibile products. This New York project has been an experience and a challenge for me that adds to the list of incredible and wonderful opportunities that this job allows me to live.

CLIENT: private

COMPANY: Linvisibile


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