Camilla Bellini

I'm Camilla Bellini, I'm 33 years old and I'm an interior and product designer and a design blogger. I live in Siena (Tuscany) and I travel the world to tell design.

How was The Diary of a Designer born?

The idea of ​​the blog was born from a simple intuition. Three years ago I started to share creative design content on my personal social profiles. In a short time a community of people, often unknown to me, passionate and curious, was created around me, asking me every day for advice, ideas and opinions. So the idea: why not open a design blog?

In February 2016 was born The Diary of a Designer, a digital space that wants to bring high quality design to people. An open space where I can tell a world, that of design, which too often dialogues only with itself. Here I offer my privileged point of view: technical (I am a professional designer) and emotional (I am also a blogger).

Camilla designer

My personal aesthetic taste, together with the history of Made in Italy, distinguishes and characterizes my work. I always want the shape and appearance to give an emotion of impact. Objects, as well as interiors, must also be functional, but beauty is not superficiality!

About me

My passion for design was born in high school. I attended the Duccio di Buoninsegna Institute of Art in Siena, architecture section. In that very stimulating context, I fell in love with the aesthetics of Armani and the historical Arco lamp by Achille Castiglioni. A love that I followed up at the University of Florence, Faculty of Architecture, Industrial Design section, where I learned to develop my creativity, making it concrete and tangible.

My mission

Approach high quality design to people. Improve their daily life through celebration, knowledge and sharing of beauty. Surrounded by beauty, you live better!

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