Me for Linvisibile: a timeless version of the Zefiro system


Zefiro System by Camilla Bellini

I designed an interior design product. I did it for Linvisibile, the Ferrara-based company with which I have worked several times before. This new collaboration was born within the “Dress Your Zefiro System” project which also involved other designers in customizing the Zefiro System. 

I gave my personal interpretation of this partition system for environments, combining functional needs and aesthetic charisma.

My version of Zefiro is in ivory fabric by Armani, enriched with some delicate and elegant natural elements. Edmonton Ivory – this is the name of the high quality fabric – is pleasant to the touch and thanks to its warm tones it makes spaces more welcoming, sincere.

Zefiro system in an interior design project in Toronto

A timeless elegance

I wanted to create a timeless elegance, disconnected from fashions. It has a beauty that is contemporary without the need of the time, suitable for any environment. My timeless version of Zefiro system is also on the Linvisibile website, which I suggest you consult for more technical details. Meanwhile, I still look at it. My idea took shape, color and substance. I hope you like it.

The product has already been included in an interior design project in Toronto, for which I have worked hard in these months when Covid-19 has kept me away from the workplace.

Framed version of Zefiro system

Camilla Bellini for Linvisibile: the interview

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