Le Fablier, so traditional as to be modern


Some people appreciate the solidity of a piece of furniture, others the elegance over time. There are those who try to find a compromise between a contemporary style and neutral colors, between a refined style and more homogeneous finishes. Then there are those who have a certain idea of ​​stylistic rigor in mind and do not yield to any mediation. This is why there are companies that, like flags, follow the direction of the market wind and companies that only follow their know-how, giving life to a taste that inevitably meets the market’s success.

The Italian company Le Fablier belongs to this last trend, which has made wood its trademark. Brand that the company itself imprints on each of its pieces, directly fire marked. Thus, each piece really bears the company’s signature but also bears witness to the resistance of the wood to the marking operation.

So traditional as to be modern

The company’s vision also shows a production sensitivity attentive to environmental protection. The furnishings are made with a selection of woods from controlled forest areas and, to avoid waste, production waste is reused in the generation of new energy. A modern approach to design that makes Le Fablier a contemporary and very young company, although it was born in 1981. In fact, the average age of those who work within it is 35 years. And the average age of buyers is also young: 60% of those who buy Le Fablier products are between 25 and 35 years old.

The city collection by Le Fablier

The City collection by Le Fablier is the one that better than any other, in my opinion, embodies the positioning of the company. Let’s start with the materials: solid oak or cherry wood from European forests.

Method: respect of the technical and natural times for the replanting of trees and the least possible number of processes to keep the wood in its natural state.

Production phases: the wood is seasoned in the open air and many parts are worked by hand to guarantee a quality that no machinery would guarantee.

Characteristics: natural knots and textures of the wood are then left as signs of authenticity.

The City collection includes sideboards, tables, beds, dressers and bedside tables, with oak, cherry or lacquered finishes. From San Francisco to Lisbon, from Denver to Hong Kong via Sydney and Stockholm and other stops. This is not a crazy geographical map but the names of the products in this collection that aims to repopulate the city with natural materials. The desire of Le Fablier to provide modern and elegant products that at the same time are durable in terms of quality and robustness starts from a traditionalist approach.

The San Francisco sideboard by Le Fablier represents a traditionalist approach to a concept that is modern. Here the cherry wood is furrowed by a vertical bas-relief design, the closing of the doors is cushioned and the internal shelves have anti-detachment fixing brackets. Furniture that summarizes the City collection and even more confirms the positioning and design quality of Le Fablier.

Article in collaboration with Le Fablier.

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