Camilla Bellini and Sidel for OMNIA windows


Sidel has been dealing with windows since 1950. And it does it by keeping a constant in its production philosophy: attention to the environment. Making products with wooden components certainly puts the issue of sourcing raw materials on the table.

Planting a quantity of trees three times higher than that used for the production of its windows and doors is the company’s response. In addition to this, Sidel has chosen to use exclusively water-based paints, to make the finished products totally eco-friendly. The sensitivity towards ecological issues is also reflected in the performance qualities of the products, made only with wood from certified origins.

The window is a furnishing element

Sidel windows are designed to meet the most diverse housing and architectural needs. The possibility of customizing some profiles makes Sidel a valuable partner in the window and door market when it comes to the development of interior projects. On the occasion of the promotional campaign for the OMNIA window collection, I asked Antonella Damiani and Vincenzo Fagiolo, Administrator and Product Manager of Sidel, for some more technical information.

The OMNIA series from Sidel

I thus discovered that the OMNIA series (acronym for Original, Modern, Natural, Innovative and Authentic) has one main characteristic, namely that of having a perfectly coplanar door and frame. In terms of function, the windows of this series have high thermal and acoustic insulation. Adding to this, it was technical features related to the opening/closing of the sash and facilitators for water drainage. Coming to design, the OMNIA window is a furnishing element because its aesthetics become pleasant and elegant, capable of giving character to an environment.

There are many finishes available and it’s possible to choose between oak, chestnut and fir among the wooden elements, with natural and opaque colors that can enhance the natural beauty of the material and its grain.

The new promotional campaign for OMNIA windows: Camilla Bellini and Sidel

Sidel’s new promotional campaign will start soon. To communicate the values of quality, elegance, solidity and beauty, the cornerstones of the brand, Sidel chose me as the figure to associate with the OMNIA windows. The person is always at the centre, in harmony with the surrounding environment and the characteristic landscape of the place in which it is located. This is the message that Sidel wants to send, to highlight the importance of fixtures as furnishing elements. The new promotional campaign will be accompanied by images, with the art direction by Lightales photography and the collaboration of the communication agency Like you.

Being the testimonial of a product is a task that, at least in my case, I take extremely seriously. I chose to associate my image with an Italian company, specifically from Campania, which was born in a family context, whose warmth and attention it still retains today. The passion with which the Damiani family and the employees carry on a tradition dedicated to continuous improvement impressed me from the beginning. It’s now official, Camilla Bellini and Sidel, in the name of quality collaborations.

Article in collaboration with Sidel.


  • It does look promising.

  • Franck Ardaens

    a great work ethic in their long-term vision.
    the raw material must be preserved at all costs.
    Aiming for quality remains an interesting value for the long term.
    today all standards are increasing.
    it’s always interesting to be a leader in your field
    A great association

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