How to remove scratches on wood floors

How to remove scratches on wood floors

There are several ways to remove scratches on parquet. There are traditional methods and professional methods to hide various types of marks on wood floors. Putting aside all the techniques that wood-specialists use, I’ll reveal a trick that you can try at home.


Will a walnut be enough to eliminate scratches on the parquet?

Attention, it is recommended to test it on a small portion of parquet (or a piece of furniture) first, to evaluate the effects and understand whether this method is right for you or not.

All you need is… a nut. Or a quantity of nuts necessary to carry out this touch-up job.

To eliminate scratches on wood floors, simply rub a walnut directly on the wood. Evaluate the color and severity of the mark on your wood well and then you can proceed with an attempt on a small part.

Is that a permanent solution to eliminate scratches on parquet?

Is it an absolutely permanent solution? Of course not. But it is a method that camouflages the wear and tear imperfections of the parquet well and practically everyone, without wearing protective devices, can try it at home. Will the effect of the walnut go away if you clean it vigorously with a cloth? Probably yes, but it’s curious how natural methods can sometimes simplify our lives and perhaps urgently resolve an unexpected situation before a dinner or an important visit.

Do you know other alternative and curious methods that can be tried?


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