Tips on how to make your home smell great


Everyone likes a scented house, because a good scent is a welcoming and comfortable sign. A good smell can have a great positive impact on our mood and our perception of a space. I have collected some suggestions on how to make the house smell great, without spending too much and with little creative effort.

Choose the right perfumes

The first step to smelling good is choosing the right perfumes. Personal tastes must be taken into account, obviously, but also the atmosphere you want to create. A modern and minimalist home often suggests fresh and light scents. A classic house that wants to recreate a romantic atmosphere will smell of more intense and enveloping fragrances.

Use essence diffusers

Essence diffusers are a simple and practical way to spread perfume inside a home. There are different types, from ultrasonic diffusers to reed diffusers.

Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are the most natural way to add fragrance to a home. They can be an excellent excuse to use table or floor vases and also look very good on a sideboard or windowsill. Scented plants, such as lavender or mint, can also be an excellent solution, much longer lasting than fresh flowers.

Use air fresheners

Air fresheners are another practical and quick solution for scenting the home. There are spray or tablet types, but their function can also be performed by candles. And for those who want to use the aromatic notes, they can add drops of essential oil to the floor detergent.

Ventilate rooms regularly

Ventilation is essential to keep the air clean and dissipate bad odors. Simply by opening the windows you can reduce the quantity of any pollutants present in the home air, such as chemical vapors, unpleasant odors, smoke, dust and other particles.

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