What about Domotex 2024 in Hannover?


Domotex 2024, 11-14 January, Hannover. The world’s leading trade fair for the carpet and flooring industry has created an innovative and colorful edition, confirming itself as a quality and highly attractive event for players in the sector.

Over 1000 international exhibitors responded to Domotex’s call at the Deutsche Messe, including those who embraced the event for the first time and some welcomed returns.

During the four days of the event, 18k visitors were recorded, coming from 140 countries. The exhibitors were also of international caliber, arriving from more than 60 different countries.

The flooring market is solid, which is why we talk about confirmations rather than trends

Tracking down new trends every year is a difficult task, given that at least the last five years – including the period of the Covid – has been increasingly devoted to the topics of sustainability and the circular economy. In fact, the majority trends dictated by companies and start-ups participating in Domotex are built on these two supporting pillars. The Green Collection area, for the second consecutive year, promoted sustainable practices and products, encouraging and motivating circular economy processes. Pavilion 23, in which the Floored by Nature theme was staged, was the scene of exhibitions in which the touch of the elements was encouraged.

Inspirations from Domotex 2024

The “Night time in a Palace” exhibition, signed by designer Lila Valadan, was beautiful and evocative, immersive even without the use of digital technology. A series of mysterious rooms artfully designed to simulate an Arabian Nights atmosphere. 400 square meters where an Arabian look showcased the craftsmanship of the carpets and their connection with the environment and surrounding objects.

Also of notable impact are the Mood Spaces curated by Holly Becker, who has always investigated color and the ways in which design is capable of influencing our emotions. 6 small jewels with strong communicability and great visual appeal.

The bond between Italy and Domotex is increasingly stronger

For the 2024 edition, Domotex has chosen to dedicate a particular focus on Italy, through the spaces of Insight Italy. The intent of the organization was to make an area of great inspiration available to professionals, in which networking and knowledge of new realities and new material explorations were promoted.

Insight Italy therefore hosted “Il cielo in una stanza” by Materially, a research into a sustainable approach with resilient flooring materials, and DIVINA, an exhibition that I personally curated.

The DIVINA exhibition, a historical continuum of Italy’s promotion

DIVINA, which takes its name from the adjective with which Boccaccio characterized Dante’s Commedia, is a celebration of Italy that is both historical and contemporary. We start with a 90-second journey through the Italian landscape and architectural beauties, from north to south. We continue along the plan of the Pantheon – the best preserved work dating back to Roman times in the world up to the present day – and a central section of the dome of St. Peter’s.

On this historic and evocative flooring stand 6 totems that underline the visceral bond that exists between the cities where the companies are born and the products that are conceived within them.

DIVINA testifies to the contemporary world how having always lived in a landscape and naturalistic context of enviable beauty has been a driving force for incessant creativity. And, the need to preserve this unique territory in the world passes from action that can no longer be postponed in the direction of sustainability. The companies hosted inside the totems implement a series of practices that demonstrate and encourage sustainability and sustainable design thinking. A temple therefore celebrates sustainability which becomes holy sustainability.

Italamp, Sitap, Dixpari, Segis and Linvisibile are the companies that, with their products and their cities, have told of this indissoluble bond between creativity and Italy, promoting a timeless beauty, to be preserved and protected.

Article in collaboration with Domotex


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