A design installation called DIVINA


What’s DIVINA?

DIVINA is an exhibition space designed to celebrate Italian creativity, genius and know-how. Its surface area of 140 m2 was set up for Domotex Hannover 2024, inside the Insight Italy pavilion.

DIVINA is above all a tribute to Italy and to all the beauty that is expressed in this country.

Entering the DIVINA exhibition, a visual storytelling introduces the scenic beauty of Italy, from North to South. First a ledwall tells about Italian places and landscapes in 90 seconds of strong inspiration.

Then, walking through the entrance to the exhibition, you walk on a section of the dome of the Pantheon, the best preserved architectural masterpiece of ancient Rome in the world.

A section of the plan of St. Peter’s Basilica can then be recognized in the central floor area. On this design which enhances the sacred beauty of two architectural symbols, six exploratory totems stand. Here the companies Linvisibile, Italamp, Sitap (with double totem), Segis and Dixpari testify to the progress of Italian creativity towards a sustainability that keeps beauty erect and opens up to a viable future. Cities, design and products intersperse the exhibition area and lead towards the concept of sustainability, erected as if it were a shrine.

DIVINA al Domotex 2024

The DIVINA exhibition was designed and curated by Camilla Bellini, borrowing the adjective that characterizes Dante’s masterpiece and underlining the importance of the power of sustainability.

Domotex is the most important global trade fair for the flooring industry. It has existed since 1989 and is held in Hanover. Every year, in addition to the trade fair sector, it creatively addresses a theme related to sustainability and design, involving professionals and companies from all over the world. For the 2024 edition, the fair focused for the first time on the story of a country: Italy. Thus was born the Insight Italy pavilion, which shows Italy’s contribution to the development of interior design, providing a vision of trends and innovations.


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