All you need to know about Firenze Home Texstyle 2022


When and where the fair will be held: what you need to know about Firenze Home Texstyle 2022

Firenze Home Texstyle is the reference event for textiles in Italy. Its fourth edition will be held at the Fortezza dal Basso, in Florence (Tuscany), in over 11 thousand square meters of exhibition space. The dates of the 2022 edition are 1-2-3 and 4 April. From the 1st to 3rd April it will be open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. On the last day, Monday 4th April, the doors of the Firenze Home Texstyle will be open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The city of Florence is preparing to host the event dedicated to the world of living and home decor. In addition to home, the fair will offer inspiration and ideas for the world of contract, spas, boating and hotels.

Firenze Home Texstyle 2022

For me it will be important to keep building new relationships in person, to be able to approach products in a truly experiential way, to discover the news and confirmations that make some collections evergreen. My personal curiosity for exhibition installations is also growing, which I am sure will not be lacking. The world of textiles has the advantage of being closely tied to touch, a characteristic that penalized it a lot, especially in the early stages of the pandemic. A fair of this kind, with these product categories, brings us back to the rails of normality, offering us opportunities for contact.

Firenze Home Texstyle

Who is Firenze Home Texstyle for?

Professionals, specialists and entrepreneurs from the sectors involved find in Florence a meeting place between exhibitors and qualified operators. Those who want to find new trends in home decor, the creative use of innovative materials, styles and moods that are emerging from the markets, can have great inspiration among the stands in the Spadolini pavilion. It’s also the reason why I will document the highlights of the Firenze Home Texstyle 2022 (out in the next few weeks) with a new article. So that I can indicate which were the traits in which the event stood out.

Textile in Florence

Do you need a ticket to get in the fair?

There is no ticket to buy, admission to Firenze Home Texstyle 2022 is free and reserved for economic operators, just remember to register online at this link:  

Thanks to the Fiera Sicura protocols, Firenze Home Texstyle also guarantees safety and full compliance with current regulations on events and exhibitions open to the public. I recommend that you pre-register in time in order to receive acceptance from the organizational offices.

fair of fabrics - florence

Who are the exhibitors at Home Texstyle in Florence?

The protagonists of the fourth edition will be over 50, the complete list of Firenze Home Texstyle exhibitors is available on the official website. This wide participation is an excellent sign of a restart for the textile market, driven by new awareness of Gen Z, increasingly attentive to dynamics of sustainability and environmental impact. The green aspects and the sustainable future will be the main topics of this edition which also opens up to the digital storyline on social platforms.

Home Texstyle in Florence

The fourth edition of Firenze Home Texstyle

A program of events, workshops and seminars enriches the fourth edition of the fair, focused on design themes under the banner of sustainability. Among the protagonists there is also the Italian architect Simone Micheli, with the webinar “Designing the Future. The enhancement of spaces from retail to the residential dimension”. The UNIQUE TEXSTYLE exhibition will host iconic pieces of the most important historical manufactures, museum collections and institutes of art, fashion and design. Florence will enrich the event, with the artistic and historical offer that the city offers, just a few steps from the Fortezza: I renew the appointment with the tell of the fair on my social channels (Facebook and Instagram) and with a new article on the blog.

The contact email for the event is [email protected], Telephone +39 055 49721, website (English version)  

Firenze Home Texstyle 2022 - 4th edition

Article in collaboration with Firenze Fiera

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