Marmomac 2021: trends and inspirations from the marble fair


Numbers of Marmomac 2021

Marmomac 2021 in pills: the 55th edition hosted 756 exhibitors from 39 countries around the world, distributed in 12 pavilions of the Verona Fair. But how did Marmomac go this year? What trends from the fair?

Speaking of attendance and participation, Marmomac was a success. 30 thousand visitors, almost half of which came from 120 foreign countries. In full compliance with current regulations, this edition recorded a return to normality, also giving impetus to the creative soul of the event. 60 thousand square meters of the fair were divided between stands, stone blocks, slabs and large processing machines.

How did the Marmomac go

After the stop imposed by the pandemic and the digital component that dominated last year, Marmomac 2021 confirmed, indeed perhaps, remarked, the quality of its four days. The Marmomac Talks made their debut, with a formula that avoided crowds while keeping high the attention. Between training moments, events (the opening with an opera performance by the Arena di Verona Foundation was simply amazing), business and networking opportunities, Marmomac also gave space to the launch of new trends and inspirations.

Performance of opera singing

Marble and natural stones, of every type and color, were the protagonists of the stands. New equipment and machinery, with different demonstration phases, animated the various pavilions. Coming to the trends of the stone world, there have been confirmations from the markets but also some interesting news.

Marble trends for 2022

It is always marble-mania, because stone is an element that never goes out of fashion, continuing to interest interior projects and contemporary architecture. For the next season we will see more and more satin marbles take up the space that was once reserved for the most polished stones.

In the past, the interior spaces had almost exclusively polished marble. For the exteriors, instead, satin was preferred, because it’s less subject to variations and deterioration from atmospheric phenomena. Today, satin is widely used in interior design, also to rejuvenate that “cold stone” feeling that gives marble to the touch. The shiny surfaces with golden veins continue to unleash the wow effect.

Grays and light colors of the marble remain a must, increasingly in demand also by foreign customers and a reason for great turnover for Italian brands. Outside, we will see more and more often textured marble and quartz come to life on the facades of buildings and hotels with a strong design soul. The marbles with important textures are starting to be in demand also in Italy, even if they continue to be a product that meets above all the foreign taste.

If there is one color that has seen a huge request from designers, it is certainly green. The trend of using green marble applies both to total look projects and to the characterization of delimited areas. The sensitivity towards sustainability issues and the growing passion for “green” are probably to be found among the reasons for this increasingly growing trend.

Even the marble walls are now very common. It is no coincidence that Pettrus, a carioca exhibitor, used the “Botanic wave” quartz as the only material element for their stand.

Pettrus stand at Marmomac 2021

Companies in Marmomac 2021

Testi group captured the attention of visitors with a backlit unfilled raw travertine.

Testi group

Bagnara, with an exotic stand enriched with origami in the shape of birds, has staged some of its precious stones (about 900 in total), from the very white marbles to the colors that are most affecting the foreign market.

Bagnara stand at Marmomac 2021

The lace effect of the inlaid marble by Bianco Cave, from Puglia, is beautiful. If Lavagnoli staged Studio Piva’s Tornado, Stone Italia relied on the wisdom of Lorenzo Palmeri for their cubic-centric stand.

Inlay marble by Bianco Cave
Tornado by Studio Piva for Lavagnoli
Stone Italia stand at Marmomac 2021

The super instagrammable 3D installation of Temmer Marble is the work of artist Patrik Prosko. “Anamorphosis”, this is the name, was created with 539 ancient objects from all over Istanbul which, from a precise perspective, made up Ataturk’s face.

Temmer artistic installation

The creativity of halls 11 and 12

The installations in pavilions 11 and 12 of Marmomac hosted works of design and architecture, art and university experimentation, also involving important furniture brands. The exhibitions available to visitors were: “In Our Time”, “Time in Stone. Paths of Art “,” Brand & Stone 3.0 “,” Author’s Tables “and” Young Stone Project “. Notable at Brand & Stone 3.0 were Stefano Giovannoni’s Teddy Boy for Qeeboo and Giorgio Canale’s Maxi Swatch, the latter soon at the Biennale.

Teddy Boy
Maxi Swatch

Marmomac 2022

It’s time to say “see you at Marmomac 2022”, always at the Verona Fair, from 27 to 30 September 2022.

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