Firenze Home Texstyle 2022: the new trends from the fair


Firenze Home Texstyle 2022: the magic of touch

The 2022 edition of Firenze Home Texstyle marks a new course in the home linen market. The trends that in the past had only appeared among the companies leading the way in the sector, are now recurring themes. The new proposals of the brands that took part in the fair are in fact united by the topic of sustainability. The growing circular mentality gives new life to the elements, introducing them back into the production circuit and stirring up our consciences of consumption. We can finally touch fabrics and materials, sink our fingers into wool, play with the transparencies of linen. It’s a kind of magic.

Egotessile at Firenze Home Texstyle
Frati at Firenze Home Texstyle

The theme of sustainability in textiles

The theme of recycling, very dear to the younger and more aware consumer groups, has been widely embraced by Italian companies. The change towards green sensibility is also supported by the certifications and awards that the Italian textile business sector can boast. Italian manufacturing companies are increasingly investing and innovating their practices in favor of a more sustainable approach, which protects the environment and the quality of the craftsmen’s work.

The new trends of Firenze Home Texstyle

Speaking of upholstery, curtains and fabrics for furnishing, spas, boating, contract, hotels, the best of Italian textile craftsmanship and beyond was staged in Florence. Natural fibers, stretch cottons, damask satins, overprinted wefts or sewn patches: the heterogeneity of the trends of Firenze Home Texstyle puts everyone in agreement.

Sea and nature are frequent imaginaries, which inspired several brands.

Flora and fauna of the Mediterranean have joined the more exotic places populated by elephants, tropical plants and shrubs. In addition to the classic “old style” flowers, there are more refined floral patterns, even in colors.

Soft chromatic scales in contrast to bright fabrics satisfy the most contemporary tastes and wink at contract projects designed to last over time. Here we can find the influence of the world of fashion, proposing the way of color also for domestic spaces and large hotel works.

The range of pastel tones is added to the colors of gray and khaki.

Uno Casa Design at Firenze Home Texstyle

Luca Calvani‘s debut as a designer for Di Maestro is also interesting. His “Tuscan cottage” collection is a tribute to the authentic Tuscan style

Styl’editions‘ graphic research is noteworthy, born from the company’s experience as a supplier of decorated ceramic surfaces.

Di Maestro at Firenze Home Texstyle
Styl’editions at Firenze Home Texstyle

Textiles, craftsmanship, our future

With pleasure in Florence I also met again the Busatti company which, in addition to bringing the name of Italy up in the world, tells us how textile craftsmanship is an art to be handed down with passion and wisdom. The expertise of the craftsmen of the past is intertwined with the problem of training and identifying professionals specialized in the textile sector.

The academies and institutes of art, fashion and design that took part in Firenze Home Texstyle bode well from this point of view. Preparing the students to respond to the requests of the productive world is the right mentality, also to ensure a prosperous future for the world and the textile market.

Busatti at Firenze Home Texstyle

Le accademie e gli istituti di arte, moda e design che hanno preso parte a Firenze Home Texstyle fanno ben sperare da questo punto di vista. Preparare le nuove classi di studenti per rispondere alle richieste di talenti del mondo produttivo è la giusta mentalità, anche per assicurare un futuro florido al mondo e al mercato del tessile.


Article in collaboration with Firenze Fiera.

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