London calling: Laskasas opens its showroom in Chelsea Harbor


Laskasas at the Design Center Chelsea Harbor

The opening of the Laskasas showroom in Chelsea Harbor coincided with the start of London Design Week. The Design Center Chelsea Harbor is the beating heart of London design, where all the major events in the interior design industry take place. Architecturally developed as if it were a large multi-storey shopping center, it houses the best design brands of the contemporary scenario (600 brands in 120 international showrooms). And this is where the Laskasas elegance lesson takes place.

Handmade by Laskasas

I personally participated in the event in the showroom, thanks to the company’s invitation for its exclusive opening. Laskasas organized a live demonstration for its guests to admire the manufacturing quality of its upholstery. A young Portuguese craftsman, with almost 20 years of experience, has in fact covered the Paris pouf in front of us. With fabric, needle, string and other craft tools, he reminded us all of the value of handmade. The delicacy of his gestures mixed with the decision of his actions brought us back to the artisan tradition, handed down in the workshops from master to apprentice. The inspiration from the Italian manufacturing tradition was confirmed to me by Pedro Neto, head of the Laskasas product designers team.

Laskasas worldwide showroom

The hand-made appearance is the most incisive feature of the Portuguese brand. Laskasas’ choice to open a showcase in London is to be found in the desire to relate to a large, cosmopolitan and contemporary audience. Laskasas is in its fourth single-brand showroom outside its national territory, the beginning of a growth path that starts from strategic points within the company. That’s right: London calling. In addition to the physical spaces, there is also the virtual showroom of Laskasas. The complete list of worldwide showrooms where the Portuguese brand is present is available here.

Unit 102, Chelsea Harbor first floor, Lots Road

Over 100 customization options, combinations of finishes and materials, marble samples, various types of fabrics: those who come into contact with the reality of Laskasas have at their disposal a tailored production that fits the client’s requests. On the first floor of Chelsea Harbor, unit 102, London design now also speaks Portuguese.

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