A lesson of elegance: the 2022 catalogue by Laskasas


An elegant style lesson for our interiors comes from Portugal. The Laskasas company, which I first told about during the launch of their immersive virtual tour (a design bond between the real and the digital), revisits the concept of sartorial elegance, proposing a new collection that satisfies our spaces with 40 new proposals.

The Portuguese brand inherits the processing of quality materials, in particular precious woods and fabrics, from the artisan tradition. On the innovation front, it offers a tailoring approach that becomes modular according to one’s own design  needs.

From the new 2022 catalogue Laskasas launches furniture, lamps, upholstery and accessories. These are pieces of furniture to design with targeted connections. Each space must be functional, shouts Laskasas design philosophy, and each element must know how to harmonize with the surrounding space.

From the 2022 catalogue by Laskasas: what’s new

The Ralph sideboard has essential geometric shapes, enriched by a golden steel insert that highlights the length. Ryan is a storage unit, a solid piece of furniture with a soft part that invites to be filled. It’s an item that, while summarizing the Laskasas concept of elegance, also shows its marked functionality. The Marilyn dining table is made of authentic marble (you choose from some of the most exquisite marbles on the market), the Fletcher modular sofa can be customized to meet a diverse range of requirements.

Ryan by Laskasas
Ralph by Laskasas

Marilyn by Laskasas
Fletcher by Laskasas

The lesson of style “made in Laskasas” is evident from the shrewdness of their interiors, proposed in the new catalogue with a color palette that includes neutral colors combined with brown, gold and black. The solid colors are linked to textures and finishes, obtaining a visual effect that delights without tiring.

“True furniture icons don’t create themselves. Laskasas classics are born from our clients’ distinctive choices”

Celso Lascasas, founder & CEO of Laskasas

Laskasas Trade Program: big news of 2022

As further news for 2022, Laskasas has launched the Trade Program. It’s a commercial program developed to offer exclusive discounts, promotions and special offers to members, and to provide support for the purchase, design and customization of furnishings. “Each product is handcrafted to fit your vision”, is their motto.

What’s inside the Laskasas Sample box

Many design companies are investing in sample boxes, which are real boxes of wonders with a selection of samples inside. Sample boxes are useful for better design, because they are a realistic example of materials, colors and finishes. Inside the Laskasas Sample box there are samples of marble, ceramic, mirrors, glass, metal, synthetic and natural leathers, microfibers and fabrics.

Designed to design, Laskasas sample boxes, in addition to the necessary, also have empty spaces to insert other samples and play with mix and match. If theirs is a lesson in elegance, we just have to take inspiration from it and make their interior design and furnishing accessories our own.

Article in collaboration with Laskasas

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