5 apps recommended to design while having fun


There is an app for every occasion. When the context is our home, our office or any space we have, there are several apps to spread creativity or simply to find new inspirations. To try out furnishing solutions, imagine a new product in a furnished room, predict the final result of a change or maybe having fun with interior design, we can rely on augmented reality or graphic simulation apps.

This is a selection of 5 apps (both for Android and iOS) recommended to design having fun with virtual changes and maybe thinking about how to use the furniture bonus. There is nothing strictly professional, no square footage or complicated operation to implement. These are interior design and graphics apps designed to give shape to the imagination, experiment and do technical tests.

Don’t worry so if you are unfamiliar with design, you can give your best and choose how to furnish – even just for pleasure – your home, your office or any other space you got. Let’s start.

1. Sun Surveyor Lite 

Natural light is as important as the lighting given by lamps and chandeliers. Predicting and visualizing the position of the sun, from sunrise to sunset, is what the Sun Surveyor Lite app does. With its 3D compass, the app is useful both in the architectural and design phase, both for interiors and exteriors (think about the design of a garden, for example).

Download: AndroidiOS

2. Archiproducts

Thanks to the app you have access to over 180 thousand products from 3500 brands, organized by categories and with a constantly updated catalogue. With the Archiproducts app you can download BIM/CAD files and purchase products from it. In addition to the classic furniture sections, it also gives space to lifestyle and wellness.

Download: AndroidiOS

3. Sketchbook

Designed for drawing lovers, Sketchbook offers a set of highly customizable graphic features. Brushes of all kinds, guides, rulers and tools for hatching allow maximum precision.

Download: AndroidiOS 

4. Magicplan 

Although used by professionals to carry out architectural surveys, Magicplan is an easy-to-use app for creating floor plans, guided by a series of instructions. Thanks to the use of virtual reality, the app allows you to simulate the presence of an object in a room. You can also draw internal plans in 2D and 3D.

Download: Android iOS

5. Adobe Capture 

Guided by the smartphone camera we can frame scenarios, patterns and even fonts and transform them into design material that can be used in software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Fresco and others. Everything that inspires you can become a graphic design ready to experiment.

Download: AndroidiOS


  • Hi Camilla ,
    it’s amazing what technology can bring us as tools to better realize or visualize things.
    it surely takes a little practice to use all
    I think , indeed , it can help customers visualize things better .
    2D plans always pose problems in understanding the final result.
    3D is great for the clients, but maybe also sometimes for the designer.
    it can confirm what we imagine.
    today, all these tools
    are essential in creation but also for understanding.

    these are 5 cool apps!

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