Why a design studio should use a projector


Having a projector in the studio makes a scene, there is no doubt. Using a projector on business occasions for presentations, launches, workshops, gives a more authoritative character in the eyes of the interlocutors. When the content deserves it, the way we convey it makes a further difference. A design studio could use a projector both to approach a technical project in a more incisive way and to tell the client about it. When you can use a projector instead of turning on a TV screen, always do it!

You don’t necessarily need a panel to project onto, you need just a clear and smooth surface and an environment that is not excessively lit or exposed to sunlight. With the high definition of modern projectors, the locations in which they can be turned on are the most diverse. But remembering to leave a blank wall in the studio to use as a screen to project would not be a bad idea.

With the aid of projection it’s possible to give more concreteness to the spaces we are designing or to a particular architectural detail that we are modifying. Also think of the wow effect that can arise from simply rotating a 3D object or from realizing the presence of an almost life-sized furniture.

The projector that I have personally learned to use in my studio is the Epson EF-12, kindly sent to me by the company. Compared to the classic shapes and sizes of “fixed” projectors that usually stand out in hotel conference rooms or university classrooms, this cube has been designed to facilitate its dynamic use. I myself consider it a great solution for those who need to use it in a multitude of contexts.

The Epson EF-12, with its cube shape, which can be oriented in all directions, and its 2.1 kg of weight, gives a clear image of what is being projected, be it a video, a presentation or pictures. The cinema effect obtained from this projector is such that it can also be used in small rooms. And it’s easy to manage, with a number of automatic features that make your life easier. For example, it has keystone correction that allows you to align the projected image quickly or even automatically. This model gets up to 150 inches with 16.77 million colors in Full HD and it comes with YAMAHA’s 3D surround sound system.

But if there is a reason why a design studio should use a projector, it’s above all because those who work with images and the visual aspects of projects must be able to grant themselves a quality point of view on their work. The larger the surface that will be captured by our eyes and the sharper the images they will witness, the greater the satisfaction of exclaiming “we are done” or “the customer said yes”.

What will make you appreciate this projector even outside the workplace? It has the built-in Android TV. This means having movies, TV series and games available from Google Play, YouTube and other apps that you can install.

Article in collaboration with Epson

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