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Let's welcome Laskasas!

It is a Portuguese company with almost 20 years of experience, it’s focused on the production of furniture and upholstery, it has numerous branded stores throughout the country and outside the border (some also in Italy), and it is able to customize every single detail to satisfy wishes and requests of customers, it innovates and is constantly evolving: let’s welcome on this blog Laskasas.

Laskasas: the lesson of Portuguese craftsmanship

Passion, excellence and sustainability are key values ​​that the luxurious Laskasas brand has in the interior design industry. The residential and contract projects that have made the brand well-known have the productive wisdom of the Portuguese handicraft heritage in common. Today the brand distributes its handmade pieces all over the world.

In a period with no fairs and no events that require the physical participation of people, Laskasas wants to reach an ever-increasing number of users. This is why the company will launch the “Laskasas 360 VIRTUAL TOUR” from 25th to 29th January 2021. It is a totally digital showroom where you can experience the products of the new collection and chat with the sales team for more information and specific details.

How to access the Laskasas 360 Virtual Tour

Until January 24th it is possible to put your name on the list to have access to the Virtual Tour. Here is the registration link for the Laskasas 360 Virtual tour: https://laskasas.com/360-virtual-tour/ 

During registration, you will also have access to the new 2021 catalogue, which can be also downloaded.

In this digital space Laskasas will present a 360° selection of the most recent pieces of the new collection. Each room of this digital tour is designed to welcome visitors and boldly bring new products closer to people, in total safety. The experience will be immersive, with the possibility of changing the point of view while wandering through the design rooms.

Along the path of the Virtual Tour we will be able to have all the relevant information on the products that most impress us. Laskasas customer service team will be available for questions and curiosities during all five days of the event.

Laskasas 360 Virtual Tour - 2021 collection

The design of Laskasas

The design of Laskasas, in my opinion, reinterprets Scandinavian functionality in a contemporary key, together with the elegance of Italian luxury and French glamour.

Solid shapes are one of its distinctive features, as is the use of a combination of materials. Functionality, shapes, comfort, balance: each of these components plays a fundamental role in the Laskasas design formula.

Laskasas furniture collections honor the heritage of Portuguese craftsmen, following a rigorous quality control process, which covers all stages of production, from the selection of materials to the final packaging. “We are a furniture design brand renowned for bespoke solutions, handmade upholstery and unparalleled combinations of unconventional materials with timeless designs“, with these words of Founder Celso Lascasas the company also introduces itself.

5 spaces + 1

The Entrance Hall, The Living Room, The Dining Room, The Bedroom and The Home Office: these are the 5 environments recreated within the virtual tour. In addition, inside a room you can access to a Secret Room, which is a very glamorous walk-in closet.

Get ready to join the tour starting from January 25th and don’t forget to register here by January 24th. I invite you to do the 360º Virtual Tour in a desktop screen as the digital experience will be improved. Despite being prepared for mobile, this interactive journey will be better in a desktop.

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