Top 3 design restaurants by the sea in Italy

Restaurants, design, sea: these words are part of the undisputed Italian excellence. The art of cooking, the culture of design and the beaches of the Italian peninsula represent a magic formula that has marked the success of some Italian seaside resorts.

Establishing which are the best seaside restaurants in Italy is a difficult task, taking into consideration the almost 8,000 km of Italian coasts. 15 regions in Italy have access to the sea and a geophysical variety ranging from low and sandy coasts to high and rocky ones. As far as the design of seaside restaurants is concerned, this is my personal ranking (and therefore not the only possible one).

Design restaurants by the sea in Italy: top 3

In third place on this podium I place Cracco Portofino, on the Ligurian Riviera. The design project was curated by Studio Peregalli (former creators of the Galleria restaurant in Milan) which, starting from the traditional architecture of the Liguria region, chose to enhance the location and the view of the marina. To reflect the elements characterizing the village of Portofino, wood, ceramic glass and natural stones were chosen. Cracco Portofino is a material synthesis of the surrounding village reality.

Photo credits: Santi Caleca

In second place is Grotta Palazzese, an architectural jewel in the beautiful Polignano a Mare. A restaurant inside a cave that is reflected in the Apulian sea. A project by the Russo Petroli Volpe studio, three women with an architectural language that represents the result of the mix of contingencies dictated by the place of intervention. Here, where wedding celebrations were already celebrated in the eighteenth century, they designed an elegant and refined atmosphere that does not detract from the incessant movement of the sea.

Photo Credits: Romana Elvira Petroli

In the first place we move to Campania, on the Amalfi coast. The La Sponda – Le Sirenuse restaurant in Positano was designed by Gae Aulenti, in that part of the villa which was the summer residence of the Marquises Sersale of Naples. You can breathe the coast everywhere: in the colours, furnishings and spaces. The feeling of intimacy and of a place suspended in time is never affected by the luxury that characterizes them.

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  • Dear Camilla, it’s a unique design of all 3 restaurant’s . They have their own USP in design & concepts. They all are totally based in different thoughts. Camilla your study and pick an choose of subjects is outstanding. Camilla keep up your visionary ideas. Good luck.

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