Castelfalfi, not just a village


It’s a village but also a farm, a golf course and an exclusive accommodation facility that includes villas, apartments, spa and hotel. We are in Castelfalfi, in the Municipality of Montaione, an hour’s drive from Florence or Siena (Tuscany). We are in a place that has its roots in the Etruscan civilization of 2500 years ago. Let’s go to discover the Toscana Resort Castelfalfi and its 5-star luxury.

The outdoor project of Toscana Resort Castelfalfi

Here on an outdoor project designed by CaberlonCaroppi – an architectural firm very positioned in the hotellerie field – Edenpark Firenze took care of some outdoor furnishings.

For the Castelfalfi project in the village, Edenpark Firenze has set in motion, bringing its team of professionals. The swimming pool area, the outdoor restaurant (La Via del Sale), the outdoor common areas, the “tabaccaia” (a historic building) and some buildings of the golf course (27 holes, the largest in Tuscany) are the areas in which Edenpark Firenze has put its professionalism. A collaboration, the one with the Toscana Resort Castelfalfi, which started in 2016, with the previous property, and whose goal is to improve the outdoor spaces of the Resort, in particular those of the immense panoramic terrace.

The sustainable approach of the Castelfalfi medieval village

The accommodation is characterized by modern interior design (for a total of 151 rooms, including suites), with CasaClima® certification, respecting the medieval village and the countryside that hosts it with organic farming and eco-sustainable solutions. The nature that dominates the village is the landscape that opens up to the view through the large hotel lobby, close to the Ecrù bar. And the beauty of the Tuscan hills can also be enjoyed by our animal friends: the Toscana Resort Castelfalfi is pet-friendly.

The furnishings

Talenti, Kettal, Minotti, Paola Lenti, Varaschin and Tribù (for the outdoor seats, sofas and upholstered furniture), Poggesi and Edengarden (for the umbrellas) and Unosider (for the gazebos) make up the framework of the furnishings, selected to create the “dolce vita toscana” mood strongly desired by the management of the Resort. The outdoor atmosphere curated by Edenpark Firenze is regenerative and contemplative, with the furnishings chosen in delicate chromatic tones, without excess, to enhance the sense of peaceful rapprochement with the cycle of nature. The padded lounge by Paola Lenti is beautifully positioned with a panoramic view of the Tuscan countryside.

Ideas for the future

Since the summer of 2021, the Castelfalfi Resort has been owned by Incorp Holdings B.V., belonging to the Asian group Sp Lohia Family. Hospitality of the highest level, with a strong focus on sustainability and a genuine bond with the local community, characterizes the Resort. Isidoro Di Franco, general manager of Castelfalfi, has new plans in mind to increase the exclusive accommodation offer and make the location and experiences that can be lived inside, outside and all around even more unique. Not just a village, but Castelfalfi.

Article in collaboration with Edenpark Firenze

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