Hotel Lungarno: a Hotel in Florence that you would never expect


Artistic suggestions at the Hotel Lungarno

Today I’m going to bring you to a magical place, where you can discover how full of surprises Florence is… and above all, full of art.

We are just a few steps away from Ponte Vecchio, in Borgo San Jacopo to be exact. Here you will find the historic Hotel Lungarno, part of the Lungarno Collection (remember the wonderful Portrait Firenze? Well, they are part of the same family).

Hotel Lungarno has recently been completely renovated, 50 years after its first inauguration!

The new appeal is extremely elegant and has the styling “flavor” of a boat. A similarity that is even more appropriate if you look at the outside of the hotel, which on one side is directly on the most romantic stretch of the Arno River.

Blue, white, and leather are the main colors that characterize the Lobby, the common areas, and the 65 bedrooms, both rooms and suites with stunning terraces overlooking the Renaissance masterpieces.

But it was the look of art that impressed me the most and is very characteristic for Hotel Lungarno.

You have to know that there is a collection of over 450 works in it, including artists such as Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Marino Marini, Mario Sironi and Ottone Rosai. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cup of tea and admire the surrounding beauty?

I find that the Hotel Lungarno is a truly magical place, not only because of its urban location and the breathtaking view that you can admire from the windows and terraces, but also and above all, for the design, the sophistication of its interior, luxury present but not ostentatious, and that bohemian touch that has totally got my attention, because that’s exactly what you would never expect in Florence.

But let’s go into more detail:
Look at the Lobby, for example. Doesn’t it seem like you are on a boat, as I explained above? The atmosphere is cozy, warm, and extremely elegant.

Speaking of the suites, I show you two very different ones:

The Bueno Suite

The Bueno Suite, with almost a complete use of blue shades, brings back a very sophisticated maritime style. It reminds me of Dolce Vita in Capri. What do you think about it?

The floor is covered entirely by a carpet with a simple linear graphic but with a great optical effect. It combines fabric and wood furnishings that characterize the room even more.

The relaxation area, characterized by the symmetry of space and the usual mood of elegance in the rest of the structure, is definitely one of the corners that I like the most in this suite.

And what about the wall next to the fully glazed sleeping area? A structural detail that can give incredible value to the whole complex, enhancing the location.

The Designer Suite

The Designer Suite is an environment that differs a bit from the style we have seen up until now in the Hotel Lungarno. The chromatic palette prefers the most minimal and neutral tones, which are typical in the world of design. Inside, we also find pieces of historical furniture, such as the PH Artichoke chandelier by Poul Henningsen.

As far as materials are concerned, we find a great use of light wood, especially in the sleeping area and the restored bathroom, however, the the sleeping area has a red touch.

The relaxation area, which overlooks the Arno and that I find to be amazing, to say the least, has a hint of the concept of symmetry.

The large curtains, the chosen sofas, the fireplace, are all elements that contribute to making the room warm and welcoming.

Finally, the Hotel Lungarno, how can I forget the Michelin-rated restaurant, Borgo San Jacopo? Managed by chef Peter Brunel, it’s a place where you can enjoy a real dining experience.




But don’t forget to note the location while you are there enjoying the menu! You can’t take for granted being able to appreciate excellent food, next to work by Picasso, while facing one of the most beautiful views that a magical city like Florence can offer.

The original and impeccable interior design of the Hotel Lungarno is signed by the interior designer Michele Bonan, just like the other hotels in the Lungarno Collection chain.

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What do you think about the Hotel Lungarno? Do you like it? Was there a detail that caught your eye? If so, which one? As always, I hope you enjoyed this tour and I hope I helped you discover a unique place in Florence!



Borgo San Jacopo, 14 50125 Florence – Italy

Telefono +39 055 27261


Hotel Lungarno

Lungarno Collection

Michele Bonan



©photos: CBteam – Giulia Grilli

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