Classic, full of plants and touchable: that’s how our home changes


How does our home change?

After the full immersion of furnishings, companies and professionals of the Design Week, I decided to sum up the universe of the house and its evolution, combining the evident trends that I have gathered in Milan with some of my personal aesthetic choices.

If you are nostalgic about the “parlour”, the “fully equipped kitchen” or “arte povera furniture”, maybe this is not exactly the article for you. If you love changes, you are open to the elegant experiments and pleasant contrasts, I invite you to continue reading, you are in the right place.

Choosing a style for our home is never easy, especially if you want to opt for something more lasting and not make our environments victims of the current fashion. The choice of furniture is complex, given the range of infinite possibilities, but this year the stylistic trends are on our side. Do you know why? The furnishings that I saw the and interior settings that I visited at the Salone and at the Fuorisalone do not lie: there is a reconfirmation of the classic style reinterpreted in a contemporary way.

Borzalino, being faithful to its stylistic history, is distinguished by the high quality finishes and the materials used: leather, various types of fabrics, wood, metal and marble.


With Matteo Pieri at Borzalino's stand
Details at Borzalino's stand

First true trend of the Milan Design Week is a rediscovered dialogue between geometric lines and curved shapes.


Gallotti&Radice combines its novelties with pieces of historical production, animating atmospheres that give materiality to light and light to the material itself. The Oto Big table by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti combines two marble components with a “supermirror” brass base. The Sophie armchair, emblem of elegance and femininity, is a precious little jewel of Federica Biasi, a very young talent. The suspension lamp by Massimo Castagna, Bolle Tela, has eight transparent mouth-blown crystal spheres. Classic taste, yes, but what a refinement!

The Oto Big table by Gallotti&Radice
The Sophie armchair by Gallotti&Radice
details at Gallotti&Radice's stand

In our homes, the furnishings created with precious materials such as wood, special metals and worked stones will populate the spaces in an elegant and sophisticated way. Art Deco floral motifs, both in the living rooms and in the bedrooms, are back in vogue.

The color gradations, according to Salone del Mobile, will be those of nature, without any artifact. A call, that of nature, that revels in green trends and in the use of plants with tropical charm as a piece of furniture, another catchy trend found at the Salone and at the Fuorisalone. The banana tree, one above all, a tropical plant with magnificent green leaves, up to a meter long and half the width, is a candidate to become the protagonist of our house. Symbols of perseverance, the cactus are the direct competitors of the banana trees in our homes. Certainly they need less care and maintain delicacy and color even if exposed to direct sunlight. You do not necessarily have to have a green thumb to open your home to tropical plants!

Fendi's stand
Fendi's stand
Tropical plants at Fratelli Longhi's stand
Interior with a banana tree

Furthermore, our home changes and is more suited to new tactile experiences. Never like this year, wandering among stands, pavilions, exhibitions and expositions, I wanted to get closer to the furniture to touch, rub, tighten, feel. Fabrics, materials, panels, walls, the pleasure of touch has been absolutely satisfied. If at Moooi I touched the relief drawings of the wallpaper, at Wall & Decò I appreciated the universe of micro-signs and engravings that give life to real bas-reliefs. If it is true that the eye must be fed, it is equally true that one can not but have experience surfaces and materials, designed with extreme care and refinement. Especially when you come to chairs with inviting fabrics or sofas with soft shapes.

Moooi relief drawings wallpaper
Wall&Decò wallpaper

What do you think about it? Is there a trend that has struck you the most?

Let me know in the comments if you like them and you agree with these trends coming from the last Design Week.

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