C’est Moooi: the design jungle of the Fuorisalone 2018


We fall in love with Moooi easily. First of all for their name, which translated from the Dutch mooi (to be read “moy”) means beautiful. The third “o” of the name is an idea of the two founders of the studio, Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, which conveys an added value in terms of beauty and uniqueness to the brand. As if to say “Moooi is even more beautiful“.

Raimond lamp by Raimond Puts
Lights game by Raimond lamp

During Milan Design Week it set up a huge space inside the Area 56 of via Savona, where the new collection was presented recreating evocative atmospheres. The area was divided into three sections with special set-ups, entrusted by Moooi to the New York studio Megan Grehl, who investigated the new dialogue between people and common areas, and to the Dutch collective Concrete, a multidisciplinary company composed by 49 professionals who gave a completely personal touch to Moooi products.

Meshmatics Chandelier by Rick Tegelaar
Perch Light by Umut Yamac
Concrete atmosphere

Right at the entrance to the area, the Mega Chandelier, a composition of different Moooi suspended lights, welcomed and invited to continue the tour inside. The lovers of Emilio Salgari’s novels would have found their happy place among the exotic and naturalistic settings in which the products of the new collection were flanked by the most iconic pieces of Moooi.

Mega Chandelier

The real fulcrum of the entire exhibition during the Fuorisalone 2018 was the Museum of Extinct Animals, an exotic project of research and representation, which tells images and products of a sensational nature, detached from time. Forgotten species and mysterious creatures have been traced in the archives of museums all over the world. This now extinct universe has rediscovered a new role in the fabrics, leathers, wall coverings and carpets of the new Moooi collection. The wallpapers with 3D textures, very pleasant to the touch, recreated wild jungle atmospheres, in which visitors were led to exploration and discovery.

Museum of Extinct Animals atmosphere
Set inspired by the Dodo Pavone

Starting from the aesthetic characteristics of the individual animals, Moooi has reconstructed a single setting of furniture and accessories for each of the ten extinct creatures, visible in the paintings of the central corridor. The Blooming Seadragon, for example, a sort of very colorful seahorse, has become an inspiration for stools, rugs, chandeliers, tables and wallpaper.




Set inspired by the Blooming Seadragon
Set inspired by the Blooming Seadragon

A concept so strong, associated with the wise use of lighting, could only catch my attention. A naturalistic tale that has touched the chords of the emotions of adults and children (many, finally!) Without giving up the iconic and contemporary mastery of design.

One of the main characteristics of the aesthetic figure of Moooi is its innovative intent that, while it opens up to provocations, on the other hand is capable of keeping up the narrative poetics of the forms. This is almost a manifesto for Moooi: design is a question of love.



Set inspired by the Flying Coral Fish
Moooi atmosphere
The extraordinary diversity of beauty
Wild jungle wallcovering

What do you think? Did you visit the Moooi exhibition? Did you like the Fuorisalone 2018? Let me know in the comments below!



Megan Grehl


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