Boca Do Lobo: discovering the extravagant luxury, Made in Portugal


You know, Portugal is a caliente (hot) land, full of appeal and passion. Well, today I would like to introduce its luxurious company of the Portuguese origin, who immediately struck me as soon as I found out about it, with its range of products that are incredibly fascinating and eclectic.

I’m talking about Boca Do Lobo, a leading company that deals with luxury design. The products in the catalog are the result of highly creative designers that combine perfectly with the manufacturing skill of the artisans who make them.

There are certain “ingredients” such as design, excellence, innovation and unconventionality that create these products, which as you will see, also have a strong artistic appeal.


With Boca Do Lobo we can really find an almost endless selection of furnitures: desks, consoles, tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, cabinets, mirrors, safes, lamps, bathtubs, and more. From the dining room to the bedroom, they have furniture for everywhere.

The style, as I mentioned before, is definitely unmistakable: the Boca Do Lobo products are perfect if you love the eccentricity of one or more pieces of design to be included in your environment.

Here are some of the products which, in my opinion, are the most representative of the company:






Lo riconosci vero? Sì è proprio lui!









What do you think about it? Do you like Boca Do Lobo or is it too eccentric for your liking? Did you find a piece you particularly liked among those that I showed you? Where would you place it in your house?

Boca Do Lobo

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