Henge: show and refinement!


Today I want to talk about a company that I feel like I can define, that is really spectacular! Literally, I’m telling you. 🙂

I saw the products in the showroom with my own eyes, and what I’m about to tell you in this round is a bit more personal than technical. I let myself rely on the emotions that I felt, and I am going to try to explain them without losing my professional perspective as a designer.

pic by CB Team

I’m talking about Henge: an Italian luxury company that is no doubt a spokesman for the manpower and Italian taste, and a guarantee of the highest quality of the product.


The style is sophisticated and at the same time elegant.

I like how Henge conceives the creation of its products: free of any bounds related to form, technology, and material. Never trivial. However, extremely bound to the aesthetic product culture, always evocative and energy-efficient.

Henge would actually say that he does not create products … I’ll explain it better: rather it seems like a point to create real “life companions.”  Do you get what I mean?

Look at the “Hypnose” sofa as an example.

Hypnose - pic via henge07.com

Having such a product at home makes it almost part of you.

It’s spectacular, beautiful, and has clear lines, taking it in as part of your life, but this is just my opinion. It becomes something that you can no longer do without. At least this is what it makes me feel. What do you think about it?

Finally I can’t forget to mention their showroom in Via della Spiga 7 in Milan! An incredible, very characteristic place where you can breathe in the essence of brand’s refinement

In regard to Henge’s collection, you can really find a lot of furnishing accessories: from lamps to bookcases, accessories and sofas.

And I’ll tell you even more! By having just one element so full of character and evocative, you can revolutionize and finish your home in no time at all!

Look at the Polygonal Light Lamp, or the Penny Table.

Polygonal Light - pic via henge07.com
Penny Table - pic via henge07.com

If you want to know my favorite brand products, they are here:

Tubular Horizontal - pic via henge07.com
Light Ring - pic via henge07.com
Network Table - pic via henge07.com
Strip Chair - pic via henge07.com
Frame Cabinet - pic via henge07.com
The bookshelves Bistrot S - pic via henge07.com

Did you already know about Henge or did you just discover something new? Do you like the products? Which is your favorite? What would you put in your home? Do you like this sophisticated style? Do you agree with me that we can call Henge a company with products that are literally spectacular? Let me know what you think!

(I still recommend going to see the entire Henge collection, because it’s really gorgeous!)



Via della Spiga 7

20121 Milano (MI) – Italia

Tel: 39,0438 1.710.600

[email protected]

Cover photo credits: dexigner.com

Polygonal Light - pic by CB Team
Henge Atelier - pic by CB Team
Henge Atelier - pic by CB Team
Henge Atelier - pic by CB Team
Henge Atelier - pic by CB Team
Henge Atelier - pic by CB Team
Henge Atelier - pic by CB Team
Henge Atelier - pic by CB Team

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