Milan Design Week 2017 – my highlights


The 56th edition of the Salon del Mobile (The Furniture Fair) has just ended, and just as I expected, it was a really busy week with design, creativity, innovation, and internationalization.

During the week, I got to see new products presented by companies, I met very interesting emerging designers, participated in exhibitions, installations, and events that I will never forget. At Design Week, Milan was the best dressed, in my opinion. With each step, we came across creative and picturesque scenery, and for anyone to not be inspired is simply impossible!

At Design Week, Milan was the best dressed, in my opinion. With each step, we came across creative and picturesque scenery, and for anyone to not be inspired is simply impossible!

In the mass of proposals that there have been, I look forward to sharing with you what was the most striking to me, hoping to convey the emotions that I experienced!


Let’s begin with the main event: Salone del Mobile fair.
There were many companies in the 2017 exhibition that showed their new collections, often shown in stands set up in a truly impressive manner!

the amazing HAUMEA table by Gallotti&Radice
details of a new furniture product by Gallotti&Radice
the BRERA bookcase by Gallotti&Radice
details from Knoll, the very famous BARCELONA armchair
again, the very famous BARCELONA armchair
details from Opinion Ciatti
details from Opinion Ciatti
doing some photos at Opinion Ciatti :)
details from Giorgetti's stand
the HUG armchair by Giorgetti
details from Vitra, the world-famous LOUNGE CHAIR

In addition, this year’s Salone (fair) was developed by Euroluce (the biennial exhibition of light design that is alternated with Eurocucina).
For Euroluce, I saw so many products and exciting and engaging productions, that I didn’t even want to leave! Look at how amazing it was:

a new Flos product by Michael Anastassiades
another new Flos product by Michael Anastassiades
a detail of the Flos new product by Michael Anastassiades
the LA PLUS BELLE a Flos new product by Philippe Stark
exhibition datails of LA PLUS BELLE by Philippe Stark
again, a new product from Flos
amazing details from Euroluce
lights and colors from Seletti's stand
the CANNONBALL chandelier by Delightfull
the TURNER table lamp by Delightfull
a detail from Muuto's stand with the E27 lamp
suggestions from Euroluce
a cascade of suspension lamps
the huge lamps by Panzeri
details from Euroluce
the VORONOI II lamp by TalaLed
the 21 lamp by Bocci
the 84 lamp by Bocci
the 87 lamp by Bocci
the 14 lamp by Bocci
amazing view from Euroluce
details from Arturo Alvarez's stand

On the other hand, at the FuoriSalone, an event (part of the main event) that takes place in various areas of the city, I discovered many other events and exhibitions.


One of the most interesting projects I saw was in BLoft in the area 5Vie. It was an exhibition that was able to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere rather than just a remake of a museum model.

a vase on exhibition at BLoft
a product by Offiseria at BLoft
a product by the online store Debou at BLoft

The large space of the Ventura area was dedicated to emerging designers, and some of them were really interesting:

the "very-green" MOSS CLOCK by Noktuku
marble suspension lamps

In Galleria Manzoni I was lucky enough to see many of the creations on display by one of my favorite contemporary designers: Tom Dixon… a marvel! Do you like him too?

the ETCH lamp by Tom Dixon
a composition made with the CUT TALL and the CUT SHORT lamps by Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon's exhibition details
other details from Tom Dixon's exhibition
among the MELT PENDANT lamps by Tom Dixon
the MELT PENDANT lamp by Tom Dixon

In the Brera area, I was particularly impressed by the Dilmos gallery (which is open all year), that had an exhibition called “A Matter of Choice” with a selection of products at the border between design and art at the Design Week.

at Dilmos gallery
a really funny detail in Dilmos' exhibition
silicone vases: soft and colorful!
silicone vases' detail
a definitely funny mirror..who's seen the mouse?!
light blue suspension lamps

Dimore Studio, also in the Brera area, proposed an exhibition evocative, poetic and dynamic called “Points of View.” Videos, music, art and design came together in what I found to be a perfect exchange!

a really geometric chair at Dimore Studio
those lamps are so big!
details from Dimore Studio
there's always time for looking in the mirror :P
other details from Dimore Studio

A little further away, in the Brera-Moscow area, I visited the atelier de Linvisibile which is always open and I was able to see the Flush to the Wall doors for my myself. A product that has really surprised me because the doors are a real complement your interior!

Linvisibile atelier entrance
product detail from Linvisibile
product detail from Linvisibile

The Spazio Orlandi in Via Bandello, with thousands of meters of area, since 2002 has given a voice to the designers of the exhibitions and installations. The location is crazy, green and flowery, so you don’t even feel like you are in Milan. You can visit throughout the year and have the opportunity to see a selection of work live that I’m sure you will never forget!

Spazio Orlandi entrance
an amazing, yellow, chandelier in the outside
the chair from the TALL HORIZON SCREEN collection by Germans Ermics. Definitely, one of the most beautiful product I saw this year!
here is a detail of the chair from the TALL HORIZON SCREEN collection by Germans Ermics
the GINKGO chandelier by Veronica Martìnez
a table made of wood and metal
a mirror made of sand and artificial resin by Fernando Mastrangelo
another mirror made of sand and artificial resin by Fernando Mastrangelo (this one is my favorite piece of the entire collection)
another huge chandelier in the Spazio Orlandi outside
my astonishment looking at one of the most beautiful installation ever: Nlxl
details of Nlxl installation
details of Nlxl installation
the wardrobe part of the 88 SECRETS collection by Scarlet Splendour
again, details from Spazio Orlandi: Planet
amazing lighting effect
I really like this crystal-drop
another light setting that I really like. I love the atmosphere
a global view of the Spazio Orlandi's outdoor
just a little break ;)
exotic dishes
exhibition details among wallpaper and great lamps
details from Sè Collection, one of the finest section at Spazio Orlandi
other details from Sè Collection: look at this nice color palette!
other details from Sè Collection
a mirror selfi at Sè Collection :P

And how can I not mention the Henge atelier in Via della Spiga? I totally recommend visiting it if you pass by that area: there are some of the most iconic pieces of the brand and the atmosphere is unique!


beautiful details from Henge atelier
looking at the catalogue at Henge

Even the city was great, don’t you think?

Cappellini's exhibition, with a lot of green chairs in Brera
in Brera
natural green in Brera
another corner in Brera
Missoni's exhibition: funny and colorful!
Magis' exhibition
Hermes' exhibition

As you know, the Milan Design Week has just finished and was really intense! I had fun, was  inspired, and I met people and saw new projects. It was interesting and challenging, and to be honest, I’m looking forward to Milan Design Week 2018 already! What about you


Have you been to the Salon or the FuoriSalone in person? What was the most striking to you? What about what I showed you? What did you like the most? Did you like the established companies or emerging designers better?

Comment, comment, comment!  I am curious 🙂

with my business partner Giulia Grilli

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