Shape is not just function: the Dandy umbrella stand


Some design products have the sense of their own function in the immediacy of their forms. These include Dandy, the eccentric umbrella stand by Lettera G, the Italian brand born from the historical tradition of Giovanardi spa. But shape is not just function, Dandy aspires to something more.

Even if it does not play the role of absolute protagonist, the umbrella stand is an almost indispensable object in our homes. It receives in every home, welcoming family and guests, regardless of it seasonality. Whether it rains or not, we will always find it near the entrance door. So, why not make the most of it?

Dandy by Letter G, with its geometrical shapes, is a clearly identifiable design object with the function it performs. The geometric lines and the transparency of the material recall the appearance of a stylized umbrella not completely closed.



Its refinement, punctuated by eccentric details, makes it a referee of elegance in the spaces in which it is inserted. It is an object that harmonizes the context, showing off its lines.

The designer who created it, Daniela Maurer, has thought of everything

The designer who created it, Daniela Maurer, has thought of everything. Two methacrylate parts that fit together perfectly, a burnished steel spring that embraces them like a scarf and keeps them concatenated and a double square base, held together by a magnet.

Light blue, sage green, scarlet red, violet and amber and the new fumè: these are the colors of Dandy. From the most classic to the most modern, the chosen colors suggest a different soul to the umbrella stand of Letter G, now an eccentric and sparkling product, now an elegant and ornamental element. Dandy wears the color on its material as if it were a real dress.



For those who love to dare, Dandy can also become an element of interior decor. Let’s think about it with new eyes, as if it had not only the function suggested by its form: what do you say, for example, to embellish it with flowers? I could not resist.

What do you think? Do you like Dandy? Better as classic umbrella stand or as element of interior decor? Let me know in the comments below.


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