Suspension Daniel: hanging pots, how nice!


When we think of vases, we usually think of them as a decoration or, if they have specific dimensions, as decorative furniture that sits on the ground. But don’t forget that we can also consider hanging them!

Yeah, hanging pots, widely used in design magazines, doesn’t seem to have much use in our homes.

So I want to give you a solution to decorate your space.

I’m talking about the hanging pots, Suspension Daniel distributed by Compagnie.

A product aesthetically beautiful, simple, made of steel and comes in polished black or gold.

Is it okay to use this both inside and outside of your home. Personally, I like it better for the interior because I think that gives an interesting and unusual appeal.

A colorful corner with hanging flowers and plants will not go unnoticed!

What do you think about them? Do you like the idea of using the hanging pots? And what do you think of  Suspension Daniel? Which plants or flowers you would use for it? Let me know!

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