Top10: Outdoor planters


Who doesn’t like flowers? I think that they are an essential decorative element. I like them for the interior of the houses, but for the exterior, too. They are fresh, colorful, fragrant, bring joy and beautify our environments! What more do you want?

In this article I want to focus outside and talk about the ten most beautiful outdoor design planters! In my own opinion, obviously. 🙂

In fact a great advantage of flowers is even those designed for outdoor use, do not require large spaces. We’ll see right away if there is something that to make your case!

1. Planter PVC LOOP by Varaschin

2. Galvanized steel planter Flowerbox by Conmoto

3. Marble flower pot, Eclipse by Franchi Umberto Marmi

4. High concrete planter, KRONEN 90 by Adam Christopher Design

5. Concrete planter IPM IMAGE’IN by Atelier So Green

6. Low concrete planter ALADIN by Swisspearl Italia

7. HALFUL planter by PLUST Collection


8. OLIVER planter by Evie Group


9. Low wooden planter DESIGN by Alce

10. Wall planter FRONT by Karl Andersson & Söner

So what do you think? My favorite planter is undoubtedly the Kronen 90 by Adam Christopher Design: I find it elegant and perfect for every occasion. Which one did you like? And how do you decorate your balcony, terrace, or garden? Do you know have other planters to suggest to me? Write everything in the comments below!

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