5 outdoor concepts to discover Marmomac Plus platform

Outdoor from trend to necessity

The outdoor topic stopped being a trend when it started to be a real necessity. The desire to live in contact with nature has become stronger, in spaces designed to enjoy the outdoors, deseasonalizing the outdoors and making it an all-encompassing concept. We will explore together 5 outdoor concepts linked to the use of marble, in multiple variations and for multiple purposes. The projects were selected from the Marmomac Plus platform, the vertical community dedicated to the world of natural stone.

The direction of sustainability

There is no doubt that the years of the pandemic and severe lockdowns have left a tangible mark on the world of architecture and design, now more oriented than ever to relying on projects in close correlation with the surrounding external environment. In addition to a mass reaction to an era of constraints dictated by the pandemic, it’s noted that the production compass of design companies has shifted in the direction of sustainability. Not only are industry professionals, company certifications and investments dedicated to the ecological transition of companies saying this. Above all, the growing market demands for products, processes and creations that comply with green sustainability issues prove it. A paradigm shift that involves institutions, companies, consumers and investors, calling all these subjects to an active and proactive role.

Designing outdoor concepts

Natural stone represents the perfect element of trait d’union between settings of different mood which, in addition to having indoor areas, open up and give themselves to the outside.

A reasoned design from a sustainable point of view allows us to live in contact with natural materials and in spaces designed according to the needs of those who will move inside them, but also responding to the times and rhythms of nature. Designing the outdoors with this vision supports the criteria of sustainability and lowering the environmental impact.

5 outdoor concepts to discover Marmomac Plus

The natural stone sector, which has already devoted itself to naturally sustainable values and concepts, today finds a varied field of expression in the outdoors, which extends from furnishing elements to facades, floors and walls.

The first project among those selected within the Marmomac Plus platform is by the Giansanti Srl company. It’s a collection made with Roman Travertine “Navona” marble, an emblem of solidity and immutability. The collection was born from a collaboration between the Giansanti company and the jewelry designer Bernard Delettrez. It brings together the world of marble with the sophisticated one of gold. An exclusivity accentuated by the limited edition character of the pieces, created as unique and numbered objects. From this encounter between such peculiar elements, it’s possible to find out more about the profile of Giansanti Srl within the Marmomac Plus platform.

Giansanti on Marmomac Plus platform

An idea that combines design and the outdoors with the concept of meditation is the one explored by the Moca Stone company, using the Portuguese Ruivina Dark Marble. It’s a seat with meditative purposes. Inf act, in addition to suggesting its practical use, it leads its users to a particular introspection. The seat is called Yoltic Seat, ergonomically designed to adapt to the pelvis of the person sitting, distributing the user’s weight and inducing correct posture. The Moca Stone page on Marmomac Plus enriches this introduction with information.

Yoltic Seat on Marmomac Plus platform

Let’s now enter the world of minimalist design, letting ourselves be guided by Sezgin and its projects in which the chromatic variability of marble finds its maximum expression. The garden design of this private villa focuses on the use of Aqua Green marble, exploiting its diversity enhanced by the transversal cut and the veined one. From the furnishing elements to all the facades, marble dominates the space. An outdoor universe that can be explored in the dedicated area on Marmomac Plus.

Sezgin company and projects on Marmomac Plus platform

For the fourth project, Tab Surfaces takes us to know Tabotel, the company’s guest house. It is indicated as “an oasis of tranquility in the chaos of daily work“. It’s an architecture that praises the authentic and intact beauty of nature through the use of durable stone materials. The natural stones used have a notable aesthetic appeal but also a particular propensity to enhance specific areas (facades, swimming pools and flooring). Here is the presence of the Tab Surfaces company on Marmomac Plus.

Tabotel by Tab Surfaces on Marmomac Plus platform

The last stage of this exploration that combines outdoors and marble takes us to the Yelmini company and its Bleu de Savoie marble. We are in the field of outdoor flooring, where, in addition to the aesthetic component and the durability of the materials, due importance must also be given to the non-slip properties of marble tiles. In an outdoor setting, the safety component certainly cannot fail, starting with the flooring. More details on French marble can be found on the company website.

the Yelmini company projects on Marmomac Plus platform

Article in collaboration with Marmomac


  • Franck Ardaens

    what could be more noble than giving back to Caesar what is Caesar’s.
    use all these materials that come to us from quarries to embellish our exteriors and restore them after transformation to put them back in their natural environment, but mastered.

    there is like an evidence and a natural link that man makes to enlarge his inner space and a feeling of non-guilty freedom

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