Who wants to be an influencer – LABA edition


Thanks to the collaboration with Edenpark Firenze, I had the opportunity to get in touch with numerous professionals in the world of design and with accommodation companies that invest in design projects. I add to these meetings also LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence) where I personally went to tell the students about my work. Here I brought my experience as a professional in the world of digital communication, not only linked to design but also to influencer marketing. The title of the meeting was “Who wants to be an influencer“, without question mark.

The world of influencers is often associated only with cases of bad communication or the exploitation of one’s image for exclusively promotional purposes. Those who carry out this activity in a virtuous way, investing resources in the creation of relevant content, can instead be an example of good communication. Anyone who wants to be an influencer can therefore do so, starting a profession that is based on communication, marketing and some other disciplines.

During the two hours I spent with the students, I talked about my studies and how I approached my job. Dealing with some of the topics of the “Influencer Marketing” book, published by HOEPLI, I then illustrated the role that influencers play within a communication strategy.

Who wants to be an influencer at LABA in Florence

LABA’s educational mission is heavily based on the theme of experimentation. In the same spirit, I aroused the students’ curiosity with examples of influencer marketing campaigns and interior design projects in which I was a protagonist.

Even before being social, it’s important to be a media, that is content creators who know how to be engaging, impactful and memorable. We are all brands online, with a reputation to create, defend or improve. This also applies to employees, who represent the company they work for. A topic that we have addressed under the name of “employee advocacy” and of which Edenpark Firenze itself is a good example.

Style and originality are two of the concepts on which all LABA courses are based. The professors of the Academy are all professionals in the fields of art, design, graphic design, photography, fashion and cinema.

Who wants to be an influencer with Camilla Bellini

Retracing my journey on social media, I tried to convey how much sacrifice, work and investment are behind the success of a project. From when I chose to open my first digital presences on Facebook and Instagram in 2015, to 2016 when this blog started, up to the first interior design projects for some international clients and collaborations with prestigious brands.

Each creative discipline is based on the constant search for inspiration, news or concepts from the past to be reinterpreted today. With my speech in LABA I stimulated the students so that they are able to believe in the power of their dreams, in the skills they are strengthening by studying and in the passions they have always cultivated.

Article in collaboration with Edenpark Firenze

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