Domotex is finally back – 2023


It’s 2023 and Domotex is finally back! Two long years of stop have made us await this event with even more trepidation than usual. Hanover gave us an edition with a lot of hints and news on interior design that will make the coming seasons special.

The decision makers fair

The success of a fair can depend on many factors, not least the quality of those who take part in. There was great satisfaction in Sonia Wedell-Castello, Global Director of the fair, in declaring that 80% of Domotex visitors are decision makers. Business is done in Hanover, partnerships are made and contracts are signed, already inside the halls.

Domotex 2023 in the name of sustainability

Floored by nature was the theme of Domotex 2023, reiterating the importance of sustainability in every corporate area. The use of materials (preferably recycled, reused or recovered) must be sustainable, the production activities and processes must be sustainable and also the work of the employees who contribute to the success of a product, a collection or a company.

Green Collection

Quality design also means this: products that have a positive impact on our planet and workers whose dignity as human beings and professionals is preserved. On this front, an important signal came from the “Green Collection” section, exhibited in Hall 23 and enriched by numerous speeches during the fair.

sustainability approach @ Domotex 2023

Trends and carpets from Domotex 2023

Coming to the more creative aspects related to Domotex 2023, I was happy to meet the emergence of some trends, especially in relation to the carpet segment. The role that carpets have in domestic spaces is often considered marginal. Sometimes their absence weighs like a boulder in the overall harmony of a house. This year’s Domotex has taught us that there is a trend for every taste and that there is the right carpet for every floor, you just need to find it in the wide range offered by companies in the sector.

# Masonry patterns

With fabric “tiles” of the most disparate dimensions and with colors that recall those typical of internal and external exposed walls.

# Desaturated colors

Perhaps the idea is to place objects inside one’s homes that already have a story to tell that adds up to ours. It is as if these carpets had already had a previous life, then had been finely restored and inserted into our homes not as relics but as totems around which to tell our stories.

# Fabric scraps and small parts

Recycling, reuse and recovery remain fundamental practices. So here is the creativity of the designer and the craftsmen converge in carpets that become fabric portraits, often in limited editions.

Fatih @ Domotex 2023

# Pattern mosaics

Whether they were made by hand or with high-precision machinery, little changes. The result of the carpets that “replicate” mosaic motifs is absolutely beautiful.

@ Domotex 2023

# Covering rug

It is certainly not new that carpets, like tapestries, are affixed to the wall. The novelty lies in conceiving textiles that are already initially designed for walls rather than floors. A fabric painting, without the need for a frame.

covering rug @ Domotex 2023

The Mood Spaces of Domotex 2023

The Mood Spaces section was also extremely instagrammable, entrusted to five international brands that have given life to small “concepts” in which they have shown their style and the most current trends.

These are the designer names in order with their “mood spaces”:

mood space by holly becker
Holly Becker
mood space by peter fehrentz
Peter Fehrentz
mood space by sebastian herkner
Sebastian Herkner
mood space by besau-marguerre studio
Besau-Marguerre Studio
mood space by mark braun
Mark Braun

The Italian carpet I’m proud of

Note of merit for the Italian company Joias which won the Carpet design awards 2023 as Best design studio artist rugs. The winner was the carpet “Homage to Maria Lai”, designed by Stefania Spanu, which takes inspiration from the work “Legarsi alla montagna”, translating it into a textile creation.

Hello Domotex, welcome back, see you soon!

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