5 great design tips to steal from international designers


Are design tips ever enough? Probably not, especially when some of the best international designers give them to us. The design world is varied and full of professionals who have been able to innovate and become interpreters of living. To go and browse abroad and have a different opinion from Italian design (very well known all over the world), I selected designers from heterogeneous backgrounds.

With these tips, expressed in design concepts, it will be easier to change our point of view on how to conceive our homes and our spaces.

Let’s start with the design tips!

Karim Rashid

I believe that today it is essential to live in a simpler way, perhaps surrounded by sensuality. Design touches us at every level and inevitably it can continue to define and shape our internal environments, it creates evolved human behaviors and new languages. It’s a place for new contemporary experiences”, Karim Rashid.

Therefore, design is not just furniture, but communication, languages and behaviors. An advice to keep in mind when, in designing a space, some think it’s only about means and not much about ends.

Kelly Hoppen

Home accessories, or as I like to call them, ‘home jewellery‘, are fantastic. Build a collection of staple pieces, such as standout trinkets and vases, and change them with the seasons. Adding artwork and accessories lets you inject snippets of your personality into your space. They’re also much easier to change up when you fancy a refresh”, Kelly Hoppen.

In short: we assume you like bold colors. Instead of painting the entire house blue, add blue pillows to a neutral sofa. Or maybe choose some colorful dishes for your table. When the  ‘blue phase’ passes you won’t have to whitewash the walls, but only replace these accessories.

Jean Louis Deniot

I believe every perfume you smell is as important as the door handle you touch, the music you listen to, the drink you sip – it all enhances and completes what you see and contemplate in a décor. All senses should be engaged ‎to live moments as fully as possible”, Jean Louis Deniot.

Everything in a house must make sense and involve multiple senses, so as to make the living experience of those who live there complete. Every domestic element fulfills multiple functions, from practical to aesthetic ones, not forgetting the affective and emotional ones.

India Mahdavi

Wherever your eye takes you when you enter a room, something strong should be there. It could be a piece of art, a lamp, or a wall painted in a colour. Place two sofas facing each other in a living area. Two sofas together are like the eyebrows of a space: they make everything sit better”, India Mahdavi.

The perspective and the balance of the elements of a space need rhythm. A strong and charismatic presence can harmonize the surrounding elements and start a beautiful composition. You can dare, but with style and rigour. Even what seems like a flicker, when a trained designer is the one to design, is actually a skilful act of orchestration.

Kelly Wearstler

Treat your furniture as sculpture. They’re all these shapes coming together to tell a story and to create movement and magic in the room. Whatever the story of your room is, choose furniture – from end tables to bedframes – that will tell that story through your personal style”, Kelly Wearstler.

If we talk about forms, we can translate stories into objects. Angular and geometric if we love rigor. Soft and rounded if we open up to ‘comfy’ atmospheres. Not all aesthetic stories must have that specific form, sometimes our personal style can also be expressed through contradictions.

These 5 great design tips to steal from these international designers are meant to be flywheels of creativity, driven by a goal that takes into account the needs of those who will live in the house.

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