At MDW 2022 Preciosa amazes with its luminous composition


Preciosa took part in Milan Design Week 2022 and presented a gigantic light composition, in via Tortona 31. The installation brought together two core elements of the Czech company: luminous crystals and interaction. Preciosa has accustomed us to installations that interact with visitors, giving them an active role in the lighting or sound highlighting of its luminous bodies. This design approach is very important, mostly nowadays that people need to touch by hand and personally experience products and installations.

Composition in Crystal at Milan Design Week 2022

Composition in Crystal is Preciosa’s creative proposal at Fuorisalone 2022, a work by Vasku&Klug. The Composition in Crystal is Preciosa’s creative proposal at Fuorisalone 2022, a work by Vasku&Klug. The designers’ objective was to create curiosity. A goal that I’m pretty sure they have reached, considering the amount of people who visited the composition. “The installation works for people simply observing it and for the brave who explore it. You’ll experience a different feeling from outside the circle, from inside the circle and from the heart of the installation”, Mr. Vasku said. Award winning architect duo Vasku&Klug is a design studio based in Vienna and Prague, and has been in charge of Preciosa art direction since 2016. Their sign in this kind of projects is tangible and memorable over the years.

Composition in Crystal, one of the most visited at Design Week, is extremely refined with crystal Composition in Crystal, one of the most visited installations at Design Week, is extremely refined with crystal cylinders that can be played to create your own symphony made up of lights and sounds. At the center of the luminous architecture there are the xylophone sticks that must be held so that one can feel like a composer, even for a moment. The entire installation is crafted from crystal bubbled cylinder components. This luminous artwork by Preciosa was created in collaboration with the sound artist Juraj Mravec, specializing in television and feature film sound post production. A very well studied piece of work, nothing happens by chance when it comes to gigantic projects like Composition in Crystal.

Every time a component was hit, a physical tone began, together with a sound sequence. Dozens of sample song bits have been created and programmed into Composition in Crystal. No musical expertise needed to compose a fresh, fun tune. This openness and interactivity with people was one aspect that I liked the most. The installation was very intuitive and, most of all, fun and amazing. Initially, you were impressed by the dimensions of the lights but at the same time you immediately feel you are the protagonist of the composition, together with sounds and lights. Adding to this, Preciosa’s installation was also perfectly suited for kids. Imagine their smiles once the structure lit up with the music!

Crystal Spin, the new Preciosa chandelier

The creative lighting of Preciosa heralds Crystal Spin, a new versatile and floating-in-space chandelier, the perfect synthesis of the Czech brand’s inspiration. This is part of the Signature Design, the exclusive light customization program developed by Preciosa and dedicated to designers to stage lighting.. Energy, movement, interaction are some of the characterizing traits of Preciosa, also present in Milan.

Article in collaboration with Preciosa

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