Plexiglass bathroom accessories: Stick by TL Bath


In the world of plexiglass bathroom accessories, the TL Bath company stands out for the creation of products that improve, personalize and define the spaces of domestic well-being.

Stick, the collection of hangers by TL Bath

Lovers of quick and painless installations will be delighted to know the Stick hanger collection by TL Bath. It’s a series of plexiglass hangers/coat hangers in different shapes and colors. The Tuscan company, together with the Italian designer Carlo Bimbi, has developed these products with three different anchoring methods. There is the version with the magnet, strong enough to hold a bathrobe or towel. Then there is the variant with adhesive, for those who have a surface that lends itself to this solution. And finally, there is Stick in the version with screws to be installed with a drill. All the items have been designed to be fixed / anchored to the thermo furniture.

One of the strengths of TL Bath’s STICK products is the ability to bring playfulness to spaces. The spinning effect of the knobs is very reminiscent of fidget spinners and their anti-stress effect. The more playful forms can be put in environments for kids (therefore not necessarily bathrooms or bedrooms, but also schools, gyms, community centers). The most canonical forms, as well as in the wellness areas, can also be installed in the kitchen or in the entrances.

Article in collaboration with TL Bath

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