Aina Kari: meaning and aesthetic of the sustainable luxury candles


Aina Kari’s sustainable candles

Aina Kari is a brand of sustainable candles created in a balanced mix of art and design. Two more elements that come together to create Aina Kari’s aesthetic imagination are luxury and sustainability. This is because Aina Kari’s production process is completely “Made in Italy”, with a hyper-local vocation that connects Milan, Venice and Murano.

Candles therefore become an opportunity for inspiration, ethics for the future, attention to the territory, a prize for craftsmanship and know-how. The design concept is a work of Irina Flore, an American designer with roots in Europe, who knows Murano glass and the experience of lighting candles.

The Aina Kari collections between sustainability and craftsmanship

The Aina Kari meaning

Art, design, luxury and sustainability are the strong points of Aina Kari. These concepts are the acme of a reflection that starts from the name chosen for the brand. The meaning of Aina Kari is to be found in ancient Persia, in the relations between the Venetian glassmakers of the XV-XVII century and Iran. The fragile glass decorations were brought by Armenian merchants in a caravan to Persia. Those that broke or shattered during travel, through creative reuse, were given new artistic dignity. Aina Kari is a Persian decoration technique which consists in covering surfaces (of objects but also of houses and buildings) with fragmented mirror glass mosaics.

The decorative effect of the Aina Kari technique was known because, in addition to giving life to surfaces with bright and complex effects, it was used as a resistant and durable cover for doors, frames, walls, ceilings and columns in private homes, buildings and sanctuaries.

Mille, limited edition of the Coriandoli collection

Neo greens and sustainability

As the design world is reorganizing its new normal in the pandemic era, consumers are feeling even more involved in sustainability issues. Green luxury is for timeless design, with products unrelated to seasonal logic, which know how to have a sustainable soul. A new generation of consumers is populating the markets and their novelty, which does not always consist of a younger age, is their not wanting to give up the quality and refinement of the products they buy. “If it is not sustainable, then it is not true luxury”, this is their motto. Aina Kari has listened to this new and more mature need, shaping a new productive mentality.

Aina Kari’s aesthetic of sustainable luxury

The goal of Aina Kari’s creations is to pay homage to the elegance and mastery of Venetian craftsmanship, balancing the history of Italian art with modern, green and local manufacturing processes. The beautiful Venetian water wells, the theaters, the iconic glass shapes, the details of the boats, the markets are among the shapes that summarize Aina Kari’s aesthetic of luxury. The sculptural design of the candles enhances not only the olfactory experience but also the visual one, with the numerous external shiny shades that revive the flame and internal heat. When the candle is over, you can keep the vase forever.

Aina Kari’s art-design collections

Each AINA KARI candle is a unique piece that focuses on ethereal art, interpreting the artistic heritage and Italian tradition in a modern way. The 100% natural wax is poured by hand into each glass jar, all strictly without labels, to let only the structural and material design speak. Aina Kari’s four art-design collections are:

On the stage

a project totally devoted to the magical atmosphere of theaters, real architectural jewels in which life is staged, in all its facets.


inspired by the shapes of the famous Venetian “fazzoletto”, a small glass paste ornament, and by the originality of the characters of the Commedia dell’Arte.

With Confidence

talks about the emancipation of women from 1600 to the catwalks of today’s Milan, the Capital of Fashion. A historical journey of awareness and affirmation of a world.


a colorful celebration of the 1600 years of history and beauty of Venice, with mouth-blown glass that forms a fountain, a vital element in the history of the Lagoon city.

Aina Kari packaging

Sustainable packaging with illustrations by Paolo Gallina

Aina Kari’s is not only candle-design, a mixture of art and design, a tribute to the territory, to Italy, to Venice, it is above all a manifesto that honors the artisan know-how and the new handworkers who have inherited manual skills and enthusiasm from the ancients. Beautiful are also the words of Marina Cighir, entrepreneur and visionary thinker who is the constituent soul of Aina Kari. Regarding the glass sculptures that welcome her candles, Marina says “when the fragrance is a memory, the vase becomes a treasure”. Each small work of art and crafts by Aina Kari is sealed by her sustainable packaging, with illustrations by Paolo Gallina that summarize artistic atmospheres and lead to the opening of the boxes with pleasure and keen attention.

Paola Gallina illustration for Aina Kari

Aina Kari and home decor

The colors of the glass and the carefully selected fragrances for Aina Kari candles suggest a study on the creation of the atmospheres in which they are. From Mille, a limited edition candle from the Coriandoli collection, to The First, from the With Confidence collection, the ability to create different moods for our settings is enriched by the strong home decor soul of Aina Kari.


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