Equilibrista: lightness, bidimensionality and stability games


A work of art at home

I can’t do anything when I’m in front of design products that impress me, I just feel a sense of pure satisfaction. And of course I can’t help myself, I just have to talk about it!

And that is exactly what happened with Equilibrista, a product by the emerging designer Giovanni Botticelli for the SWING Design Gallery, and this, in my opinion, is a work that falls somewhere between design and art.

Equilibrista is a decorative complement for an interior, made in several versions: floor length, to be placed on a wall and as a table piece. It is a standstill object, which is capable of enriching the environment.


When I saw it, I just fell completely in love! Really!

The lines are clean, the form is pure and made of only essential materials. All this adds a thoughtful combination of colors and reflective surfaces. I wanted to have one right away!


Look at how spectacular it is!


This vertical wall version, in the colors of gray smoke, black and orange, it is definitely one of my favorites. Minimal, but it has character and a charm that rationally cannot be explained, do you agree?

The floor length version is certainly the most scenic! It’s a geometrical sculpture and I could see it going very well, being so modern, in classical environments.

The table version, the smaller one, remains extremely decorative. Could you see it in a bedroom, for example?

A sculpture, a totem, a picture, where you can see yourself

An object that, with its composition of forms, can poetically inspire people who are so different, but at the same time able to stay close.


If you want more information about Equilibrista, or to purchase it, you can contact me at: [email protected]

It is an absolute must-have in my opinion! What do you think about it? Do you like it? What caught your eye the most about Equilibrista? The colors? Shapes? Combinations? Would it look good in your home?



Giovanni Botticelli

@photo: Eudechio Feleppa, Pasquale Palmieri, Danilo Donzelli

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