Chic and minimalistic vases by Anna Varendorff


Today, while I was busy browsing through the various furniture and home decor e-commerce stores, I accidentally came across these vases by Anna Varendorff, which I absolutely have to share with you!

These very particular objects are called Circle and U, they are designed by Anna Varendorff for the ACV studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Really beautiful! 

These are handmade objects characterized by an absolutely minimalistic line, as they are made up  of a simple curved tube, fixed to a base.

They impressed me with their delicacy and their incredible elegance: the shape reminds me of a graphic sign traced in the air.

Judge for yourself!



Beautiful right?

But how can the best be placed in an environment?

I understand that it may seem like a difficult task, but don’t worry: it’s easier than it might seem! 

In Particular, I can recommend them if you have a minimalist house with warm color tones and you want to add an object that reflects this style.




If – then – you like to dare, you could create a composition of these vases using them all together. By doing this you can create a particular scenographic effect: creating a wonderful composition using some or all of the variants that were designed.

The result will leave your guests speechless, trust me!

Here are some other particular forms.



So, what do you think? Do you like these particular vases? Let me know in the comments below or send me an email at [email protected].

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