Estroverso: a gleaming and brilliant wine glass for design lovers


An everyday object, recreated in a metaphorical and dynamic key

Today I want to show you one of those products that really got my attention as soon as I discovered it, and since I’m soon going to be having an “inauguration” for my new home (follow my daily adventures on Instagram to know more about it), I’ve decided to buy it for myself!

I am talking about Estroverso, the wine glass by Gumdesign.

Besides being a product that is displayed in some of the most important museums in the world, it caught my eye for one particular detail… do you want to know which one? Look:

As you can see, its peculiarity lies in the base that is curved outwards (convexed).

This “small” but very important design intervention makes Estroverso functional and metaphorical at the same time.

It not only allows the wine to be decanted with a simple gesture (excellent functionality), but it also literally gives life and dynamism to the object (extroversion metaphor), which becomes a tool of curiosity and interaction between the diners and therefore also it becomes a creator of human relations.  

Although Estroverso is characterized by a playful spirit and is perfectly suited for the convivial, look how elegant and sinuous are the shapes that characterize it!

This product, and all that I’m telling you, reinforces even more my conviction that quality design resides in detail. It is just like this, with “simple” but functional interventions, that it is possible to give spirit to all the objects we have at home and in our daily lives.

Estroverso is brilliant, beautiful, and revolutionary. It’s definitely a must have for design lovers. Would be a perfect Christmas gift for your home? Or a present for your friends?


Estroverso by Gumdesign

What do you think about it? Do you like it? Did you know about it before? If you didn’t know what kind of suggestions came to you? Do you also think that this genial detail is what characterizes the wine glass? Let me know what you think (or if you’re going to buy it) or if you need some suggestion. I’ll be looking forward to reading your comments below!

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  • Extremely good taste! A good symbiosis between glass, wine and yourself. Maybe at the moment I’m not a buyer, but I like to read your articles which are of quality and good taste. Wish you the best in your bright future…. Tantric auguri
    Quim Teixeira

    • Hi Quim! Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate your kindness. Keep following me and spread the news with your friends. Have a nice day!

  • Wonderful professional to see… Work… ???????Best of Luck

  • Wonderful professional to see…
    Best of Luck……

  • Wonderfull Profesional

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