10 gift ideas for architects and designers


If you have friends that are architects or designers and you want to give them a gift for Christmas, this is the right article that you've been looking for.

We know very well that there are some types of people who are very difficult to please when it comes to buying them a cadeau. Needless to say, architects and designers fit perfectly into this category.


As stereotype wants, almost always they dressed in black, always with their eyeglasses on and glued to their beloved pc. Maybe for the creative flair that distinguishes them, maybe for their imaginative and brilliant mind, maybe for that particular taste they have on certain arguments, but finding something suitable for them is not easy, at all.

To help you in finding the best gift for architects and designers, I decided to draw up the list of the 10 perfect gift ideas for your friends. These are original products, creative but also useful, impeccable in my opinion. Let’s start now!

1. The wristwatch with a 3D stairs

The accessory that makes the difference, one of those objects that will be worn with pride for its particularity: fashion but only for architects and designers, minimal as much as studied, functional as much as original. In a word, excellent. Buy it here.

2. The pen holder to be integrated into the notebook

A simple gift and at the same time very useful. Pens, lapis, pencils and stretch-pen in a designer’s life are never enough. Without a little help, keeping them tidy is pure utopia! Rationalise their spaces, buy it here.

3. The Estroverso wine glass by Gum Design

An iconic design product, exposed at the San Francisco MoMA, which for this reason will be very appreciated. Moreover, its playful soul will help to stimulate conversations at the table without leaving the guests to dwell too much on the technicalities typical of architects and designers. Enrich the Christmas tables, buy it here.

4. The brass pen

One of the favorite materials of every designer (included me!). Combined with the pen is an object that will be seen as pure design ecstasy! Must have, for sure. Find it here.


5. The cover for the Mac as an ancient book

For lovers of retro style that will combine with the latest technology. Ancient and modern, modern and ancient: the two great themes that almost always mix in the creative phase and that meet here in a playful way. Don’t miss it, you can buy it here.

6. The glasses holder with personality

A nice and funny desk accessory made of walnut wood that will give the right importance to the glasses of our designer friend. Also, as soon as you say it comes directly from the MoMA, you will win the heart of your friend, forever! Make your friends happy, click here.

7. The 3D framework of their favorite city

An inspirational gift for all those architects and designers who are passionate about models and art. A three-dimensional picture of the urban landscape of some of the most beautiful and well-known cities in the world. Once you have found out what is the city of your designer’s heart, you’re done! Make him/her dream, here.

8. The Bookshape library by Lettera G

Architects and designers are generally always immersed in books. The Bookshape “for books that leave a mark” is the gift that will be able to bring order to the cultural chaos of your designer friends. Put things in order, give Bookshape for Christmas.

9. The desktop stand for the Mac

The inevitable and feared overheating of the computer after hours of hard work is the nightmare of all designers and architects. With this table stand, you will see pure joy appear in the face of your friend. Help your Mac-addicted friends for Christmas, buy it here.

10. A cover for the notebook

The perfect accessory, compact and containing everything necessary for moments of sudden creativity in any place in which you are. The fact that it is leather is just the icing on the cake. Forget your friends, buy it for you 🙂

So, what do you think? Did you find the perfect gift for your architect or designer friend? Is there a product that has particularly impressed you? As always, I hope I have made you discover a series of interesting articles! If you liked this article, share it with your friends.

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