Vases, the most #Cheap&Chic on the Internet!


As you know, here, we select only quality design. So the majority of the products that we talk about guarantee a very high quality, and last for life… but they aren’t exactly cheap.

However, there are design products, characterized both for the quality and an affordable price.

With #Cheap&Chic I wanted to create an area dedicated just to these types of products: beautiful, high quality, and affordable.

I hope that you will like this hashtag section and find it useful! Let me know, as always, by leaving me comments below. It’s is very important for me to know your opinion! Okay, so now that everything is clear, we can start!

Let’s start with a selection of vases! Vases are a very important decorative element, typical for houses.

All vases have a purpose and there’s one for every taste!

Individual Vases

Porcelain vase handmade by Beanandbailey – € 36,91


A vase with an important form and material. If you want it, I suggest you give it it’s own space because that way, it will express itself in all its beauty and originality!

Miniterrario in glass and metal by Leosklo – € 31,09


These types of terrariums know how to create a romantic and multifunctional atmosphere. Often they are used as a table centerpiece with a candle inside.

Copper Vase with concrete and glass, handmade TWOBOLD – € 44,00


A very important and elegant vase.  

Vase/Pitcher in ceramic, pink speckled by WiseApple – € 27,20


Super chic, right?

Handmade ceramic planter by BerriesForBella – € 19,38


This planter is graphic and bubbly. Perfect if you love the minimalist Scandinavian design pieces.

Brass planter by loopdesignstudio – € 43,71


Elegant and bucolic. I like this one!

Handmade porcelain planter by CONCEPTceramic  € 34,87


Cute and harmonious. Perfect if you have a house by the sea!

Vases Sets

Set of three wooden vases by ShadeonShape – € 34,97


What can I say, this is a very chic this set! You what do you think?

Set of three 3D printed wooden vessels by MinimumDesign – € 36,91


These vases are fabulous and original. They could fit in well in a studio or office.

Set of three hand-made flower vases by honeycombstudio – € 34,00


A minimalist and very elegant set. Perfect for any type of style.

Set of three small planters by OakOats – € 27,20


This set is really cute, this is perfect to tastefully decorate your desk!

Hanging Vases

Geometric glass wall vase by NewDreamWorld – € 3,69


Here is an example of a very economical piece, but from the soul: it furnishes the area, giving life to the walls.

Ceramic hanging pot by noemarin – € 23,50


This pot is really cute. I see it going well in a furnished house with taste and care.

Glass hanging vase by Unihom – € 12,11


It looks like it belongs in fairy world, doesn’t it? It is a delicate vase … I would avoid putting it outside if you live in a particularly windy area XD

Wall planter in printed 3D by GreenDesk – € 9,62


Despite the fact that it doesn’t cost much, it has an eye-catching visual impact and design!

So what do you think? Which pot or vase do you like most? Let me know if you buy one! Personally, I fell in love with these two!



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