The purity of the ST-12 by Intueri Light


In ST-12 by Intueri Light, I can find everything I love most in light design!

A pure form, dynamic, and with simple lines that create an appealing geometric composition.

ST-12 is the ultimate, beautiful project of light design by Intueri Light:

st12 intueri light

Let’s go over this this splendid object in detail:


The history of its name is to reconnect to the peculiar structure: it is called ST-12 because there are 12 points of light on the chandelier. These, placed at the ends of the brass hold the metal tubular together, giving rooms a modern-chic touch.

Particular features?

But do you want to know what the most unique feature of ST-12 is? During installation, you can determine the orientation of each metal tubular: You can essentially customize your chandelier how you like!

Color choice

Another plus is the color options: white, black, and gold perfectly blend creating a perfect result (some of my favorite words to hear).


The contemporary lines and extremely elegance of this product, makes it perfect for a variety of environments and styles: how do you see it, for example, in a dining room or living area? Or can you imagine it in shop, restaurant, or lounge interiors?

st12 intueri light

st12 intueri light

In your opinion, isn’t it always perfect? What do you think, do you like it? As you know, for me it is a special piece…  Have you already thought of a place where would you could put it in your house? As always, I can’t wait to read your comments 🙂 I’m curious!

In this article you saw:

ST-12 by Intueri Light





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