10 skeptical-proof rechargeable and portable table lamps


Who’s looking for a wireless lamp, with rechargeable battery and USB cable, have just found an article with 10 interesting proposals, selected from Italian and international companies. In addition to their portability, a common feature of these cordless lamps is the quality, guaranteed by the manufacturers and designers who designed them.

Wireless table lamps can be suitable for home and domestic environments as well as for pubs, restaurants and indoor and outdoor common spaces. Somehow wireless lighting has become a comfortable and graceful type of furniture, which removes the clutter of the wire and fits more delicately into the rooms.

Almost all lighting companies have among their catalogs at least one proposal for a rechargeable lamp, created by important designers. Let’s start this top 10 of wireless rechargeable lamps, skeptical-proof, for those who want to start experimenting and adding them in their own spaces.

Turn + by Ambientec is a portable and rechargeable LED lamp designed by Nao Tamura, the Japanese-born designer now in Brooklyn. This modern lantern is an atmosphere light that guarantees up to 500 hours of light. Its design and the materials used make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.


Adele by 8 light, born from the genius of Giulio Gianturco, is what I would define as a squeezable lamp, given its gel composition that invites you not only to touch it but almost to play with it, as if it were an anti-stress. It is obviously wireless, with 3 lighting steps that create soft and nice atmospheres.


Last Order Fluted by Flos was originally designed by Michael Anastassiades as a customized product for a restaurant, then fortunately entered the company’s catalog. The shape of the lamp recalls the architectural style of ancient columns, with an interchangeable cover available in a different metal and color finishes.

Last Order Fluted

Sylvestrina by Santa & Cole is an easy-to-place portable lumen. Its circular base houses a rechargeable battery, while it is switched on by pressing the “lumen” tube downwards. The effect of carrying it around a domestic space as if it were a candle hides something romantic and ancient.


Martina and Munetta by Italamp are two planets of light conceived by the skillful inspiration of Danilo De Rossi. They are one of the 2021 novelties of the Italamp company and boast up to eight hours of battery life on a single charge. They enrich any type of environment thanks to the adaptability of the light source via the touch sensor. Modern, beautiful and fascinating.

Martina and Munetta

Easy Peasy by Lodes is an emblematic lamp of Luca Nichetto’s style. This portable and rechargeable table lamp has been designed in different shapes and colors, with a LED source and the dim-to-warm function. The different possibilities of setting the light make it extremely playful and with a strong appeal.

Easy Peasy

Rivetto by Chiaro di Luna guarantees a light of about 50 hours if at maximum intensity and over 10 days if at minimum. It creates warm and sensual atmospheres, without stealing attention from the environments in which it is inserted. Its exceptional autonomy and its artisanal production make it a true gem.


Totem Frosted by Voltra is a rechargeable lamp of international scope, with a clean and compact design. Each lamp comes with a wireless charging pad which includes a cable adapter for EU, UK and US. One more thing? It is water & dust resistant!

Totem Frosted

Cocktail by Grok, as the name suggests, is perfect in restaurants, hotels, terraces and residences. Its versatility is all in its evergreen forms, designed by Francesc Vilaró. 3 watts that enchant with their intensity.


Rosè by Italamp is a toast of light. Designed by Danilo De Rossi, it’s part of a large collection that includes other suspension variants. This wireless and rechargeable smacks of complicity, frankness and joviality.


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