10 suspension lamps by Italamp that you absolutely need to know


10 suspension lamps by Italamp

I’m currently working on my new lamp for Italamp and to start my creative process well I begun from the basics, clarifying how a design product is born and telling the company a little more closely, giving space to those who represent it today: their women. Without anticipating the times by revealing the most meticulous details of the lamp that is taking shape, I have chosen to tell 10 Italamp lighting products that you absolutely need to know.

These are lamps with one characteristic in common: the suspension.

10 suspension lamps by Italamp that best represent the know-how and the elegance of the company. Being clear, this is not a ranking, it’s just my selection, coming from my aesthetic taste.


I’d start with Dalí, who leaves no room for misunderstandings from the name to the shape. We are in the field of art and time, in that feeling that Dalí explained as the “persistence of memory”. Here the lamp is not just art and creativity, Dalí is also a symbol of our time and the incessant need for beauty around us.


4013 by Stefano traverso

Imagine a long table, a mise en place that recalls the colors of gold, a glass of white wine, laughter between close friends and the eyes of the diners who cross each other for a toast. In this atmosphere, looking up from the table, I imagine 4013 soaring, long, linear, proud of its trihedrons in amber glass. You are not dreaming, it’s true!


Bossanova by Danilo De Rossi

Between a cachaça and a lambada (as an Italian song said)… there is also the Bossanova lamp, with a blown glass diffuser. If seeing it hanging in suspension invites you to come closer to feel its internal rhythm, imagining its realization with glass blowing is something magical.


Marta by Danilo De Rossi

The most disco-elegance lamp you can imagine. It’s Marta, who in itself has a sphere and an atmosphere, the one of the Martian equator. A planet of light, it should be said, which intrigues and invites you to explore. In a modern ambiance, two Marta explorers descend from the roof, and it is immediately Life on Mars.


705 by Italamp Studio

I give you a point of reference: we are in the Italamp Classic Opera Catalog. 705 expresses its sumptuous and imposing style (it exists both in the version weighing over 120 kg and in the one over 180 kg). Here the beauty depends on the kilograms, illuminating with its supreme size.


Carmen by Stefano Traverso

I see Carmen and I imagine a wall of caves in which suddenly there is an explosion of light that invades the spaces. It may be thanks to the chrome finish or the transparent glass and teak elements, but this pendant lamp with a diameter of 90 cm does nothing but come back to mind.


Soon by Roberta Vitadello and Stefano Traverso

The details in Swarovski Elements only enrich the design of this suspension lamp that lightens up from above. Suitable for large-volume interior spaces, Soon is available in numerous color and size variations, always with its dimmability.


Valentina by THDP + Simone Bretti

We should surround ourselves with shapes and colors that inspire tranquility, elegance, harmony. These are precisely the effects that the Valentina suspension lamp gives. In a public context, be it a restaurant, a lounge or a hotel room, it is able to emanate its distinctive features.


Fata Morgana by Edward Van Vliet

This lamp, which also recalls the shape of the common lanternals, is perfect for large outdoor spaces, perhaps close to the sea or lakes. The lamp Fata Morgana varies its length between 80 cm and one meter, illuminating from its glass light cage.

Fata Morgana

Pulsa by Danilo De Rossi

Dove gray, amethyst, light gold or white, in any color Pulsa brings out its modern interpretation of classic glassware, with long shades in blown trumpet glass. In an environment it plays an ornamental role that focuses attention on itself.


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