5 furnishing products by Domkapa that you absolutely need to know


Domkapa’s furniture is a kind of interpretations of classics, designed to last the test of time and combine the heritage of the design tradition with the most contemporary influences.

Domkapa is a Portuguese furniture company that I have already talked about at the launch of their digital showroom experience. The company is based in Rebordosa, in the north of Portugal. The attention to the details of the upholstery and the skillful use of “handmade” are two pillars on which the company based its design philosophy.

These are 5 furnishing products by Domkapa that I have chosen which perfectly summarize this attitude of timeless design, paying attention to details and to the aesthetics of comfort.

Here are 5 furnishing products by Domkapa, for residential environments and why not also for some contract spaces, which you absolutely need to know.

Camille chair

The part of the back of the Camille chair reminds of the curtain of a theater, with all the folds that stage elegance and sophistication, without ever exaggerating. This particular color is perfect for settings with a refined, warm and welcoming mood.

Camille dining chairs Domkapa

Stella sofa

Domkapa always plays with references to nature and soft shapes. In the case of the Stella sofa, it brings together elements that remind of the plains and valleys. It gives a sense of dynamism to the comfort of the volumes. Living a space also means living it from a symbolic-spiritual point of view, the designer’s task is therefore not only to create a welcoming environment but also to know how to interpret the roots of those who live in it.

The Harmony pouf

The Harmony pouf is characterized by soft shapes that anticipate the type of seat. Consciously furnishing means enhancing every single piece of furniture in the space, restoring design dignity and building an aesthetic language that speaks a lasting code over time. A pouf thus becomes an important element, ceasing to be just a quirk of the interior designer.

Sunset Folding Screen

A design that dares to put together metal and fabric, in a play of shapes and colors that make the Sunset folding screen a piece of furniture both for the bedroom and for larger environments that provide for the alternation of moments of conviviality with moments of more privacy. I also imagine Sunset as a sort of screen or parasol in outdoor contexts, maybe by the pool.

Mano coffee table

The coffee table is a piece of furniture that many homes, especially those with small dimensions, have given up. When the dimensions allow it, however, the coffee table can enhance the spaces, playing a leading role among affections and fantasies. Mano by Domkapa seems to add a touch of soul to the rooms, combining elegance with a strong identity character.


Camille, Stella, Harmony, Sunset and Mano are 5 furnishing elements that I have selected from those of the various Domkapa collections. In my opinion they can give a strong characterization to the spaces. You absolutely must know them because they are elements that can enrich different types of projects, indoor but also outdoor, also playing a leading role individually.

Article in collaboration with Domkapa.


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