Ricciocaprese: how Capri has invented the world famous design icon


From Majello 1867 to Ricciocaprese

The company Ricciocaprese is all Italian, born from the historic Neapolitan brand “Majello 1867” (read the story on Wikipedia). And it is precisely from the wise tradition of Capodimonte porcelain that Ricciocaprese is conceived. This colorful brand is in fact an idea of ​​Imma Sarnacchiaro and Fabio Majello, a couple who strongly wanted to keep on the centuries-old craftsmanship.

The meaning of Ricciocaprese

The Ricciocaprese brand takes its name from the porcelain sea urchin (“riccio” in Italian means sea urchin), which first became a symbol of the Capri island and then a world-famous design icon. But where does its idea come from? The concept of Ricciocaprese is all in the colors of the Faraglioni land, in the shapes of nature that inspire its design and in the floral, festive and sensory holiday scents that inebriate the atmospheres. Ricciocaprese is Capri, in all its colors.

An interior design with Ricciocaprese lamp and scent diffuser

From the boutique in Capri to worldwide

Imma, who is the creator and designer of the brand, has chosen to give an artistic connotation to the marine forms of the sea urchin, making an element of easy association with the Capri maritime scenario very identifying. The clean and fresh design, obtained from a powerful handwork, enhances its iconicity. When you buy a Riccio Caprese, you also buy an element of high craftsmanship that speaks of a land and a centuries-old tradition. From a simple island souvenir it has quickly become an Italian must have, present in homes all over the world, with sales points also in Florida, Kuwait, New York and in numerous Arab countries.

The historic workshop where all Ricciocaprese products are forged (from lamps to fragrances, from plates to favors) is located in Naples. The work begins with a rough monolith, which is then subjected to a complex drying process. Once its shape is fixed, it moves on to the cooking phase, after which the hand-decorated and glazed object is put back into the oven. The colors of Ricciocaprese creations are obtained by hand mixing, enhanced by the manual touch of the production.

Capri and the Majello family have invented a way to geographically extend the island’s territory, reaching any land, not only thanks to the numerous flagship stores, but also to a quality digital presence.

The Ricciocaprese Italian boutique is located in Capri, in via Roma at number 55. The bright colors are already visible from the outside of the store. On the website www.ricciocaprese.it you can find all the information on design products, fragrances and details for shipping all over the world. From 9th to 13rd September Ricciocaprese will also be at the Maison & Objet in Paris, to get noticed with its colors and its lively elegance in Hall 5A – Stand B14-C13.

The Italian Ricciocaprese boutique in Capri

Ricciocaprese: a symbol of Italianness in the world

A Ricciocaprese creation is a symbol of Italianness in the world. The Italian know-how that has never give up to its tradition to embrace the style of houses all over the world, innovating in practice its concept of beauty.

As for his creations, Ricciocaprese ranges from home decor to furniture, without forgetting table and lighting. Among the home decor elements and hand-decorated bathroom sets, the Anemone Decor by Ricciocaprese also stands out (up to 34 cm in circumference). Even the table made in Ricciocaprese is enriched with fine porcelain details, for an elegant and bright mise en place. Femminiello and Ammore are the two personal perfumes designed by the Ricciocaprese brand, both in 50 ml or 100 ml formats. The Dalia lamp – back to one of my most sincere loves – subtly recalls the image of summer gardens. Fans of color will go crazy when they discover that it is available in 23 different colors, in hand-decorated ceramic and glazed with a mixture of different colors. Or am I wrong?

If you pass by Capri, there are no better creations to buy. And if you would like to bring that happy panache that only Ricciocaprese masterfully has everywhere in the world, take a look at their website.


  • Diciamo che ruccio caprese jn prima battuta suona come un ristorante della costiera.Ma poi sfogliando le immaginis scoprì che sono oggetti di arredo che richiamano il mare ed alcuni profumano ambienti.E Questo desta curiosita’

    • C’è un mondo dentro Ricciocaprese, che comprende la terra che lo ha generato e le mani, sapiente e artigiane, che lo plasmano. Che storia, che arte! Quanta bellezza! Grazie Marcello per averla colta

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