Victoria, the lamp which unites marble and light


Pure elegance. 

For all of us passionate about light design and lighting effects in all its splendor, discovering a product line that isn’t known is always exciting. I don’t know about you, but part of my creative process is, above all, linked to the study of historical design icons and then an in-depth study of the most elegant products on the market. 

I made this introduction because this article is entirely dedicated to an element of lighting in which I admire its extreme refinement. 

Today, I present to you the Victoria lamp, created from the idea of Bethan Gray, an English designer. ‘Victoria’ was designed for EditionsMilano, an interesting company from Milan which is also proud to have worked with Patricia Urquiola and Studio Nendo

The Victoria lamp has been designed in different versions: suspension, chandelier and table lamps.


The lamp, if we tell the whole story, comes from a previous project that Bethan had created for EditionsMilano. I’m referring to the Victoria tea set collection. This tea set was inspired by the tradition of English ‘afternoon tea’ and can now be admired at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to decorative art.
Now, you would like to have ‘afternoon tea’, admit it! 🙂


There is a common element used for both of these projects, a sublime material, very dear to me (and I think you too): arabesque marble

This exquisite rock is obtained from the quarries in Tuscany, maybe that’s why I feel a strong affinity to this project, it’s very close to me.

Although the tea service is an exceptionally unusual and successful piece made from marble, I’m much more fascinated by thinking about a light shade made of marble. The effect which strikes me the most is when the light is turned on. The marble, once illuminated becomes translucent and ‘Victoria’ with its simple geometric design becomes deeply harmonious.

The combination of arabesque marble with a brushed brass finish, is that touch of refinement that makes a very beautiful lamp.


Everything I design starts with a story”: this is how Bethan Gray’s work and inspirations begin. This is a concept in which I believe very much, above all because the ideas evoked by the English designer are so refined and elegant, that the story within becomes universal. From her stories to our stories we can see and interact with her creations.

The different versions of ‘Victoria’ can therefore touch different chords depending on the person looking.  

If I had to choose, my favourite version of ‘Victoria’ is the chandelier.

What do you think? Do you like this unusual and elegant lamp? What do you think of the lighting effect made from the material in which it was made? What’s your favorite version?


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