How a mountain chalet should be: Wood & Design


We all like the mountains, especially in winter. Whether you go there for sport or go there to look at the view with a hot chocolate in your hand, the mountains never disappoint us. Also the mountains are able to fill us with peace, tranquility and inspiration.


Just think, that in the first quarter of 2019, according to research conducted by Federalberghi, they showed that there were 11 million Italians – I repeat, that’s just the Italians! – who chose to spend their holidays in the mountains!


The settimana bianca (the white week) is a particularly popular holiday week because it is a mid-season break in which we can recharge our batteries and regenerate our ideas. In addition to this, there are various studies that show how the snowy mountain environment is very good for our personal well being: evoking childhood memories of relaxation, stimulating our emotions and instilling a profound sense of wonder.


In short, precious white week, you have everyone’s approval!

But where to find refuge when the sun sets behind the mountains and the chairlift has made its last descent before the pistes are closed?

With no doubt – in a chalet!

Alpine chalets have always appealed to me with their characteristic design, which can often be very beautiful and special.

I want to share with you some ideas regarding the perfect style to use in the mountains: if you are looking for inspirations or suggestions to find a perfect combination of wood, design and mountains, then this could be useful for you.

Let start straight away, by focusing on 3 main points.


Wood is undoubtedly the predominant material used in the mountains. Wood can be used without limits in the interior design of a mountain home. In fact, we are not just talking about using it for the floors – parquet – but also using it to clad the walls and ceilings. Could it be too much? No, it’s still not enough, we could also use it for some pieces of furniture, such as the dining table. From a structural point of view, what are the best materials to combine with wood? You can choose what you like best between: resin, cement, metal and plaster. Let’s look at the results!


Inside the chalet the colour scheme should be warm and welcoming. As wood is usually the predominant material which already gives a warm hospitable tone to the environment, we should combine and mix light shades (white and beige) and dark shades (black and grey). In this way we are respecting the traditional style of the mountains whilst also being extremely contemporary.

The windows and the view

Let’s not underestimate the breathtaking scenery that we will most likely find before us, we must give respect to what is out there! Windows for me are an important and intriguing structural detail, in any location urban or natural but especially in this situation where we are faced with the uncontaminated nature of the mountains in all their splendor.

P.S. Another detail that should not be forgotten in this environment is the fabric. Don’t forget softness is the key word!

How about you, do you like going to the mountains to ski and relax? What’s your ideal accommodation choice during your skiing holiday? How would you like to furnish a chalet? If you have any thoughts or suggestions, leave me a message in the comments below or send me an email to [email protected]

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