Top10: the most impressive mountain SPA 2017


Mountain means health. The breathtaking views that regenerate the mind, the rarefied, clean and sparkling air that in a moment is able to energize the body and mind.

Mountain means relaxation. Walks, paths, wild and uncontaminated nature and places ready to embrace in the best of ways.

It is this mix of relaxation and nature that I believe is one of the most regenerating things ever. A way to switch off, a way to recover from everyday stress, but also a way to fully enjoy the start of the winter season.

It is also a way to carve out some time for yourself and maybe think about the new year and all that we intend to do, to organize our projects, goals and desires.

The places I am about to show you are perfect for calming the body and mind, giving positive energy.


Here is the second edition of the Top10 of the Mountain Spa 2017 (find the previous one here).


A top 10 ranking, in my opinion, of truly breathtaking luxury.

We will look at The Cambrian in Switzerland, the Aqua Dome in Austria, the QC Terme in the Dolomites, the Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Sweden, the K2 in France, the Hotel Miramonti in Trentino Alto Adige, the Amangani Hotel in the USA, the Siberia Station Spa in Canada, the Tschuggen in Switzerland and finally the Alpina Dolomites in the Dolomites. Let’s start now!

10. Aqua Dome, Austria

This structure mixes the classic features of a mountain resort with a more futuristic type of architecture. Here in this region, volcanic thermal activities are concentrated, and so there are various types of aquatic pools (thermal baths, floating, river, sports), fitness area, sauna and beauty space. I would say a perfect location for those who are not too tied to tradition.

9. Siberia Station Spa, Quebec, Canada

An oasis, a corner of pure relaxation in which to rid yourself of accumulated fatigue and stress, even if only for a few hours. A characteristic structure with hot and cold, indoor and outdoor pools and ample choice of massages for your choosing. To absolutely enjoy in company!

8. Le K2, France

A chalet in the French mountains with a modern and contemporary flavor. Also the spa area is modern and contemporary offering indoor and outdoor pools and a range of wellness treatments. A place where time seems to literally slow down. A location that I feel is also perfect to visit alone and take a couple of days off.

7. QC Terme, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

An Italian resort with a classic appeal but with a modern twist, where design details and finishing touches are not lacking. A relaxation area that offers a thermal spring, wellness programs, a series of massages and treatments and even the delights of a wellness menu. The perfect place for those who want to take care of themselves 360°.

6. The Cambrian, Switzerland

A hotel that overlooks the mountains, a Spa with an indoor pool that continues externally, a gym, a room for relaxation treatments and a Finnish sauna. Not bad, right? I find it perfect for a weekend with friends, far from the usual city bustle.

5. Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Sweden

One striking thing about this Spa is the views of the unspoiled nature of the Swedish mountains. Indoor and outdoor hot tubs and the possibility to book the Spa area privately, having it at the disposal of the whole family – the bathroom, the sauna and massage room. A dedicated area to pamper loved ones.

4. Miramonti Hotel, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

A hotel that refers to itself as a “boutique hotel“, for the refinement and attention to detail that distinguishes it. A Spa that needs no introduction, just fall in love with it for a moment. It is absolutely impossible not to be enchanted by the immediate beauty of the architecture that overlooks a beautiful landscape, leaving you speechless. As if all this were not enough, we add to the list: an infinity pool, a wood sauna with mountain views, a fitness area and a bridge over the forest. What more could you want? In my opinion this is a perfect place for a romantic getaway!

3. Amangani Resort, Jackson Wyoming, USA

This is what you call true luxury at high altitude. A refined and classy structure that fits to perfection in the wild and unspoiled setting of the Jackson Wyoming mountains. The treatments are psychophysical. Calm is the keyword. Unmissable.

2. Tschuggen Hotel, Switzerland

Just wonderful. An architectural structure with sails, impossible to not appreciate: the modern style that blends and merges perfectly with the water and the imposing nature of the landscape. A Spa where interior design has left nothing to chance. Spectacular with delicate light effects inside the pool area that are projected up onto the walls. In addition to the swimming pool, there is no lack of fitness space, sauna and beauty treatment rooms. What can I say? The Tschuggen has entered right onto my wish list for my next destination!

1. Alpina Dolomites, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

An almost indescribable beauty. Also in this case the architecture of the structure and the spaces it creates are dominant. In the Spa area, the beautiful and evocative glazed walls, seem to eliminate every barrier between inside and outside. Detail to the furnishing is impressively taken care of in every aspect. In addition to this you can find: indoor and outdoor pools, sauna area and beauty farm. I highly recommend it to lovers of perfection … I hope to be there as soon as possible!

So what do you think? Did you appreciate this Top10? Have you talked to your friends about these Spas? Which one of those that I have suggested did you like the most? Which one would you like to go to? Let me know everything in the comments, I’m waiting for your reply!

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  • Qc Bagni nuovi is the wrong one: no mountain view from the pool. Qc Bagni Vecchi is the right one with mountain view.

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